Sunday, February 10, 2019

XC part 2 (october 2017)

I'm not really sure why I didn't include this with the last XC post ... I guess because this was at the very end of the season ... but here's the boys' district meet (last of the year).

Their group is the small little pocket of lime green towards the middle of the crowd.

I must have just missed Porter, but here's James (follow the arrow) starting to make an appearance about midway through the course. 

There he goes!

And then here comes Porter (circled in red) to the finish!!

Crossing the finish line ... great work Porter!!

Before long James was in sight finishing strong!!

And also making his way across the finish line.

Tough runner bros;)

And last but not least, with the gramps who happened to be in town for the weekend. 

Seriously great work guys!! XC is one sport I'm not sure I would have ever had the patience or endurance for. Definitely impressed by your dedication!

first hunt (october 2017)

I grew up in a hunting family. While my dad use to go out every year with my brother, and I can recall tagging along and hauling around a bb gun on one particular trip, I don't think my sisters and I ever had any real interest in carrying on the hunting tradition.

That said, because of the huge generosity (of time and supplies) from a wonderful family friend, 3 of our kids got to experience hunting for the first time. Not only was this a great opportunity to learn gun safety, but also a valuable time to be out in nature, and to learn the importance of respecting and valuing our resources and the bounty this earth has to offer us if we approach it with care and gratitude.

Starting Hunter's Safety class!

Mae and James getting in some practice.

And of course Brookerhood.

The great guys (including Mr. Dean Bennion himself!!) helping our kids to learn gun and hunter's safety.

Kev and the kiddos with their official Hunters Ed. completion certificates.

And finally ... time to venture out. 

Mae and Brooks' trip was first!!

They had a fun time (in the beginning at least) keeping an eye out for deer.

And driving around trying to find one. 

But ultimately, this was not their day for a hunt. 

They did, however, chase after a few grouse, and pick a couple of bags of Cantrell Mushrooms.

And did some napping in the truck:). 

And then it was James' turn!! 

His luck was a bit different. 
It did take a couple of hours before they spotted anything, and then it took Dean's experienced eyes to find what they were looking for, but ultimately James did get to use his newfound skills and bring home his first deer.

James with his mentor:).

And enjoying his success with Dad and Brooks!

I think James, and all of the kids really, learned how much time, effort, and patience go into bringing home meat that you've found and hunted yourself. After a very long day of hunting (mostly driving around and waiting), the work was not over. It took late into the night for James to finish (with Dean and Kevin) cleaning and preparing the deer for consumption.

It was pretty rewarding for him (and pretty yummy for all of us) once we finally enjoyed deer for dinner!!

Sunday, January 13, 2019

XC Season

Oops, almost forgot the 2017 Cross Country season ...

James joined Porter on the High School Cross Country team.

With a bunch of other goofy but fantastic guys!!

And in fact, a whole team of really great kids and coaches!

They had way too much fun together. 

Including during their Seaside, OR trip ...

Oh brothers;)!!

NOW September's done:).

Sept. 2017 Misc.

And to finish out September, we have ...

Make bakes (with a new Arkon camera/phone mount)

(tried out a meringue frosting)

(and Reese's bars)

We enjoy one last trip to Dash Point Beach ...

Brooks and Cousin Carter get twinner haircuts.

Joseph becomes a human motor.

And Mae has fun doing Ballroom dance!!

time to drive, porter's 16th b-day (september 2017)

Later in September Porter turned the big 16, and became an official independent driver!! He had a pretty low-key birthday ... 

But did get some family prizes ...

Mostly printed pieces of paper representing digital gifts:) ...

Mae made him his favorite Rainbow Chip cake!

And he topped things off with a hangout night!!!

Watch out world, there's no holding him back now!;)

back to school (september 2017)

First day of school 2017, began with Porter (10th) and James (9th ... first year of HS) heading out before sunrise to Seminary. Yikes, that's early!!

Brooks (5th) and Joseph (1st) were next to go.

Getting a decent picture of them proved to be a bit tricky ... 

But we FINALLY made it happen:).

And then there was Mae (7th). She actually did Internet Academy at home for the 2017-2018 school year, but still went along with me to drop off her younger brothers.

I'm thinking I must have forced her to wear a backpack and take 1st day of school pics:-)!!

Let the school fun begin;).