Friday, November 23, 2018

August 2017 Misc.

And to finish off August (and basically the summer of 2017), we have ...

Porter and James assist with the flag ceremony for the grand opening of a local performing arts center.

And Brooks and Joe opt in for a little splash at G-ma Loo's work party!!

Here we go, September!!

Olympic Coast Adventure!! (August 2017)

Right when you think we're done backpacking for the year, we prove you wrong!! 

There's never too much backpacking ... says Kevin

This trip is actually kinda special because it's officially Brooks' first High Adventure. Brooks was incredibly excited about it because he was able to go with one of his best friends! Kevin was incredibly excited because it was his first trip along the Coast (the Olympic Coast to be specific). Of course they were both excited to spend time together.

I really don't know much about the details of the trip, but I'm going to do my best to pretend that I do:). 

To begin their adventure, the guys parked their car at Rialto Beach ( and took a 2-hour shuttle to somewhere near Shi Shi Beach (

It wasn't Brooks' first-ever backpacking trip, but definitely his first time packing in a pretty decent amount of gear. 

He started off strong!

Realizing pretty quickly that this was not going to be a walk in the park;).

Some parts may even have given Kevin a run for his money??:)

Towards the end of the first day, they made it to the actual beach.

Which didn't make the hike any easier, as hiking through sand and scattered/uneven rocks is quite a bit more complicated (and slightly painful) than you might think.

Finding some pretty cool discoveries along the way kept them going!!

(we call this the random-but-fun pile of junk;)

(hard to see, but it's a make-shift swing tied up in the tree)

And the evening view from the hammock tent wasn't too shabby either!!

Fishing was again a highlight! Shocker, yeah??

And made for delicious fish tacos.

And of course there were plenty of beautiful sights to take in.

(One of which was this ... "Nestled in the undergrowth miles off the beaten path", this is a tribute to a Chilean shipwreck in 1920 that killed 18 out of 20 crew members.

(and this infamous Hole In the Rock stone formation)

And after a couple of days they made it!!!! Back to Rialto Beach and their awaiting car. 

Oh, and delicious food of course!
Looks like this time they opted for a taco truck:).

Fantastic work Brooks!!! Ready for next year:-)??

Solar Eclipse (August 2017)

Ready for a short and sweet post??

Solar Eclipse: August 21, 2017 ...

Here's what we expected

Here's what actually happened

Here's the fam (and friends) trying to see the eclipse despite not having thought ahead and purchased eclipse glasses:-)

Here's a close up of our carefully crafted viewing contraption

Here's the result of our efforts
(don't diss it, we were actually quite please;)

In all seriousness, it was actually a really cool experience despite not having glasses. I think the most interesting part was definitely how dim but especially cold it suddenly got as the eclipse occurred.

Now we just have to wait another 100 years:-)!

Group High Adventure (August 2017)

The "S" in Seattle must stand for summer, because summer is the most amazing time to be in the Pacific Northwest!! And during the summer our family just about lives outdoors; often camping, hiking, or backpacking. 

This particular backpacking trip was with a church youth group. Destination: Tuck and Robin Lakes in the Snoqualmie region.

I'm thinking it was the year for granite, because just like The Enchantments, Tuck and Robin Lakes has lots of it! The description on says this:

"Hike to a beautiful granite basin housing two sparkling lakes and big views. Explorations abound with nearly a dozen lakes to look down upon or explore around" (

Sounds exciting to me:-) ... 

I think this A-mazing group of guys agrees!!

It may not equal The Enchantments in beauty, but I would think it comes awfully close ...

I don't think it was quite as difficult as The Enchantments either, but definitely not an easy hike!!

Mountain goats made an appearance again!

And hanging around camp together was definitely a favorite!!!

Perfect jumping boulder ... look closely if you want to see the boys.

Kevin and James of course made some time for fishing:)

Overall good times yet again with Dad!

And the burger and fries tradition continues ...