Friday, September 1, 2017

march 2017 misc.

And to finish off March (yep, not many pictures this month either), we have ...

Handsome Scouters.

High scorers!!
(I really have no idea what game/test this was, but they were excited enough about it to take pictures, so I figured I'd better include it. BTW, nice muscle pop, Porter.)

Tooth Fairy pays out big time.
(apparently Grandma & Grandpa Jacobs have a connection)

Friday game nights!!

James b-ball season--nice work!

And Porter and James earn their Life Awards--good job guys!!!

james visits montana (march 2017)

James has grown up hearing many a fond story about Kevin's time living in Montana (to K, just about the greatest place on earth). So when this outdoors-loving kid found out he was going to get to accompany Kevin on a business trip to the snowy state (it was March after all) for a fun b-day surprise, he was pretty excited about it!!

He had a great time hanging out in the hotel/lodge.

Checking out the wide-open country side (and some WY work sites as well).

Spending one day on the slopes with some local kids.
(Thanks to Kevin's awesome co-worker/co-worker's daughter who helped to arrange this!!!)

And just relaxing and eating delicious food!

february 2017 misc.

For some reason we don't have much for February (actually I think it's because I'm so behind and told my sweet, picture-taking husband to stop taking so many pictures), so this fun winter month is just making a brief appearance.

And to begin and finish off February, we have ...

Kevin's leadership team on an Escape Room outing.  Apparently, they broke the record and completed all puzzles/escapes with almost 2 minutes left!

Valentine's Day prizes. 

And winter wonderland!!

Moving on!

january 2017 misc.

And to finish off January, we have ...

Mae's first year of middle school basketball!!

Menchie's date with Dad ... 

Subzero date with mom (although Dad could be there somewhere  as well--after all, it is ice cream;). 

And Mae begins her love of cake decorating:). Yum!!

wrestling season (january 2017)

Wrestling season was pretty different for us this year. 

James made the decision to "wrestle up" in weight so another teammate could take the varsity spot in his actual weight. That, combined with the overuse of his right arm as QB on his football team the season prior, led to a tear in his rotator cuff pretty early on. It was a bit frustrating for him not be able to perform like he was use to, and basically have to sit out competitively most of the season, but he was a good sport about it!

This is pretty much all we got for him this year:(.

Porter's season was also pretty different for all of us. The transition to high school wrestling, and the commitment, physical challenge, and other adjustments that go into that, definitely took some getting use to. It was a season full of learning experiences, but Porter hung in there and performed very well.

These shots are fairly blurry, but they do show some good moments. 

And then there was Joseph and Brooks:). This was Joe's first year, Brooks' first year since he was little, and our family's first year back on the club team we initially joined when Porter and James first started. Lot's of firsts;). 

They had a great coach and a fun time with their team.

The season started out pretty tough for Brooks, but he worked hard and had a good attitude. 

And then about half way or so through, he really started to pick things up and figure out what worked for him!

Towards the end of the season he was taking first place! Which was very cool, because Brooks did not start out as a "natural" wrestler and has had to work extremely hard for every win. 

In fact, he was such a committed and hard worker, even when pretty much all odds were against him, that he ended up getting the special "Coach's Award" at the end of the season!!

Joseph was a cute little wrestler, that's for sure. And was extremely entertaining on the mat!!! Luckily we have plenty of funny videos to remind us of that for years to come;).

He had kinda the opposite season as Brooks, coming out with a bang in the beginning--getting first place in a couple of round robins. 

Having a great time hanging out at meets and getting medals for the first time--something every kids loves:-)!

Being the happy-go-lucky boy that we love so much!!

But kinda getting worn out from this whole wrestling thing by the end of the season, and and sorta forgetting to keep trying during matches;).

We were super proud of both of them and had a really fun time watching them participate.

And of course grandma also looooooved getting to watch them participate!! She's quite the cheerleader when it comes to her grandkids.

Who knows what excitement next year will bring??!!!!:-) Hopefully not too  much (at least by way of injuries).

Wednesday, August 23, 2017

twin falls winter hike (december 2016)

And for our final post of 2016, a fun winter hike! 

I'm sort of cheating putting this in December (as it actually took place on New Years Day), but since it was part of our Christmas Break, I figure it works. 

This was actually one of my favorite hikes!! We've done Twin Falls ( many many times before, and it's always a nice family hike, but being out there in the snow was kinda awesome! The scenery was pretty fantastic, and it was just a more leisurely, unique experience than typical. 

The only down side was that we slipped and fell A LOT. Which was quite fun, but also somewhat painful;). 
Group shot.

With Timmerman;). 

I'm not sure all these pictures really need an explanation, so I think I'll just let them speak for themselves ... 

Yep! It was pretty gorgeous and most of the photo credit goes to Porter Clarence Timmerman!!

This may have to be a new family tradition. Only next time, we might have to invest in some micro spikes so we spend a little more time on our feet and a little less painful moments on our backsides.

Here comes 2017!!