Sunday, August 12, 2018

Adventures with the Grams (July 2017)

While the rest of us were enjoying the 4th of July close to home, Brooks had the super fun opportunity (thanks to this sweet g-ma) to go on a week-long road trip with Cousin C to the Disneyland of Eastern Oregon--Uncle Mick's house:).

Oh, yeah, good times with Grandma Loo!

Nothing like hangin' with the country cousins!!

I only ended up with a handful of pictures from the trip, which really don't do justice to all the fun they had and all the many things there are to do at Uncle Mick's house.

In addition to playing with adorable new puppies ... 

Swimming in the awesome backyard pool ...

(only in the country ...)

And getting ready for the big rodeo ... 

... what's not shown is riding horses, cruising around on 4-wheelers, going to the fun town pool, and just messing around with more awesome cousins & doing fun kid stuff on Mick's acreage.

Good thing Brooks has such a great family!!;)

like this partner in crime ... 

And this A-mazing g-ma who made the whole fun, wild, and crazy trip possible. 

I think he's ready to go back EVERY year!!

Sunday, August 5, 2018

4th of July Weekend 2017!!!

4th of July weekend was pretty fantastic!! 

The sun was out, we were lucky enough to have cousin Porter visit (which we ALWAYS love), and we spent time having fun as a family and with friends. Nothing better!

First off, was some beach time at Dash Point State Park ( Not the prettiest or nicest or best smelling beach in the world, and there if the fact that it doesn't have waves unless a giant cargo ship passes by (it is the Puget Sound after all). But it's ours, so we like it!

Hanging out in the freezing water. 

Getting in some Skim Board time!
(something for which Dash Point really is well known)

 Playing a little catch with The Dad.

And showing off our muscles for a photo opp.  

Kevin wanted to get in on that one as well!!;)

Next stop of the long weekend ...

A low-key afternoon at the park, where we had fun yet again playing Spike Ball.
(Mom of course is the BEST player in the family;);)

Hanging out with my little dude. 

The biggest outing of the weekend came in two parts ...

First a hike up Rattlesnake Ridge for Kevin and this clan of amazing teens! 

Great job, girls!!

As a side note, Rattlesnake is a nice 4-mile roundtrip hike that I think we've done about 3 or so times now (

Pros: good distance for everyone (not to long for the younger kids or those not in great shape, but not too short for those who want a little more), beautiful view of the lake from the top, and when you get back to the bottom you can cool off in the water--or even hang out all day and have a picnic if you like.

Cons: It is a super busy trail!! So definitely go early in the morning or on an off day. The other main con is safety. While there's nothing unsafe about the trail itself, there have sadly been fatalities on the ledge at the top. You really just have to remember to stay away from the edge once you're up there!

Straight from Rattlesnake, we met up at Ensign Ranch to hang out for the day ... 

 Staying cool on our favorite slip-n-slide.

And doing a bit of fishing ... 

(Check out that giant mosquito bites;/) ...

And finally, on Independence Day itself ...

We relaxed as a family with a backyard "bbq"--really we just roasted corn and hot dogs over a fire:-). 

And Mae made us this refreshing flag cake. Delicious and so clever!!

And that's a wrap. The fun has to end sometime;)!!

Sunday, March 4, 2018

june 2017 misc.

And to finish off June we have ... 

Mae bakes some more (some more)!

Porter joins the kayaking obsession ...

With his dad!

JA Biztown for Brooks & Mom!!
Quite the handsome little CEO:-).

Joining the world of Pickleball;). 

Mae's photography experiments. 
Joseph was a very willing model!

Family fun at the park!

One of our favorites.

Grandma & Grandpa visit for G's ballet performance!!
Isn't family the best??!!

P & J scoping out potential Eagle Scout projects.
(while looking cool in the sunshine;)

Mae's 2nd paid baking job--HS grad cupcakes!!!

Joseph Kindergarten moving on ceremony--can I just say waaa:(!!

P & J head off to Especially for Youth (EFY) Tacoma!!

A week in the dorms without Mom and Dad?? Yes please!

Moving on!!!

girls camp + dad (june 2017)

Mae's first year at church Girls Camp was definitely a huge hit! She had awesome youth leaders and a great group of girls to be with. PLUS her Dad got to attend with her, so what can be better than that ;-)?!!

Pre-camp overnighter!

Kevin getting his sleeping arrangements worked out. 
I'm sure he's not having any fun with this;).

Although I think it's safe to say this little guy had plenty of fun helping test things out.

The big arrival.

Definitely some excitement going on.

Fantastic camp leaders!!

The camp theme this year was holidays, and our group got Christmas (in case that's not obvious).

Fun times around camp.

The final product ...

Looks like Kevin was having fun at camp with his friends as well:-). 
Definitely a pretty fantastic group of men here.

Visit from The Dad.

Taking out the trash!!

Getting some grub.

Rifle range!

Waking up with Christmas PJs & good friends:)

Race the Priesthood leaders ... 

While they're blindfolded!! 
Wish I could have been there to see this one;)

Evenings at Firebowl!!

Silly skits:).

Color Run!!!!

Waiting for horseback rides.

And that's a wrap folks. 
Time to head home for an overdue shower and a full week of sleep!

So much work goes into creating this amazing experience for the girls. I couldn't state enough how grateful I am for those who make it possible!!!