Sunday, February 18, 2018

james 8th grade celebration (June 2017)

Somehow my kids just won't stop growing up. It's incredibly exciting and depressing at the same time. In 2017 James finished up middle school and rounded the corner towards high school, and his last few years at home:(.

I was able to help out with decorations for the 8th Grade Celebration and Moving-On Ceremony. 
And this cute girl got to leave classes early to assist me!!

It's amazing what dollar store wrapping paper and cloth weed block can do for very little time and expense--especially when the weed block has been sitting in your garage for about 10 years:-)!!

James' big moment;). 

Does he look happy to be done with this stage of his life??

I definitely think so!! 
And glad his G-ma got to come celebrate with him as well.

Now if he could just make the next few years go a bit slower!

Sunday, February 11, 2018

hiking mason lake (june 2017)

To welcome the arrival of our amazing summertime weather, we went on a family hike to Mason Lake (Ira Spring Trail). Located in the Snoqualmie area, this hike is about 6.5 miles round trip with a 2420 ft. elevation gain. A pretty good match for our family: definitely a challenge for Joseph, but good enough to break a sweat for Kevin and P&J (if I remember right they may have jogged it for a good part of the time, which likely helped with the intensity level;). 

The Washington Trails Association describes the hike this way ...

"Sun-drenched ridgelines, blooming trillium, and sparkling alpine waters define this fitting tribute to one of Washington’s greatest trail advocates. An ode to lifelong nature photographer and conservationist Ira Spring, this highly popular summer trail traverses steep pitches and open meadows en route to Mason Lake, a popular weekend camping destination in its own right"

I don't think we noticed any campers (maybe too early in the season), but it did seem to be a well-used trail; although, not overcrowded in this very early part of June. 

Getting geared up to hike!

Joseph may have started off a little tired:-).

I liked the variation of scenery on this trail, including this cool bridge/river/waterfall crossing pretty early on. 

Gotta take advantage of a nice spot of shade ...

Because about the second half of the trail is pretty much straight sunshine, as it opens up to the giant rock field. 

Can't beat an amazing day with Mt. Rainier popping out in the background. 

As well as all this other beautiful scenery!

And before too long we were up at the top relaxing in the sunshine and enjoying a beautiful view of the crisp lake. 

As it was early June, and not quite hot enough yet to brave the icy mountain water, we just enjoyed the lake from a nice spacious rock at the water's edge. 

It's possible we may have seen one or two crazy hikers out in the lake, but for the most part, everyone was keeping dry. 

After some of our group went off a ways to explore around the water, and others (definitely me) attempted a quick lakeside nap, we gathered everyone back together. 

And made sure we had a couple of good decent family pictures ...

... before heading back down the mountain. 

Good times! And many more hikes to come this summer, I'm sure!!!

Sunday, February 4, 2018

Day of Dads!!! (June 2017)

I have to start out by saying ... I LOVE June!! June June June June June. June is wonderful. June is fantastic. Why? Because with it finally comes the sunshine!! Goodbye rainy days, goodbye grey skies. See you in September!

Disclaimer: This description is only partially accurate. If planning a trip to the Seattle area in June, expect about a 50/50 chance of rain showers:-) Just feeling a bit euphoric here looking at these beautiful blue skies;).

Okay, so to the point! The first part of June brought a fun day out as a family to celebrate our wonderful father! Kevin is fast-paced, hard-working, dedicated, passionate, and definitely ENTERTAINING. We are all lucky to have him as the Dad of our little clan. 

And no better way to celebrate him, than to be out in nature!

A mountain hike would of course been his ideal outing, but as time was limited, heading over to a quiet local park was definitely a good Plan B. 

Where we attempted to take some impromptu family pics. 

Played a little Bocce Ball.

Had some fun with phones and cameras!

And enjoyed celebrating this awesome guy:)

Before heading home for dinner and treats!!

Sunday, December 31, 2017

may 2017 misc.

And to finish off May we have ... 

The kids car!!!

Favorite family pastime (aka, the made up game of "Tips")

Fun with the Mariner's 
(thanks to a super awesome friend!!!)

The brothers;) ... I will seriously miss these days.

Chess Jamboree.
(lotsa thinking going on here)
(and Porter for the win!!!)

Piano time.

Mae bakes some more:).

 (including this amazing Pokemon character cake for cute little Keaton's b-day)

Mother's Day!! 
(thoughtful gifts as always, including a cool climbing picture and poem from the hubby)

And, last but not least, kayaking season has definitely arrived!!!

Moving on!!

memorial day weekend (may 2017)

I feel like Memorial Day Weekend around here is pretty touch and go. Sometimes it's amazing and beautiful, and other times (much of the time actually) it's cloudy and wet. Yuck!

This year was one of those amazing and beautiful weekends when living in the Pacific NW is definitely THE BEST (trust me, I don't always feel that way)!

The weekends enjoy-the-great-weather festivities were ... 

Fun at Dash Point Beach!!

Family hike to Tradition Lake--
good one if you're looking for more of a nature walk than an intense workout. 

Yearly church run/walk/bike + breakfast event.

And kayaking at the neighborhood lake!!

So ready for summer!!

city art contest! (May 2017)

I love Mae's knack for art--probably because it's a skill I have NEVER possessed. She submitted a piece for our annual city art contest this year, and won 1st place in her age group! Woot woot!! 

The theme was What Liberty Means to Me, and all the winning pieces are displayed in the city courthouse. Pretty cool.

What else was pretty cool, was that winners and families got invited to a special gathering and city hall meeting where the artists were presented with their awards. PLUS they got to take a tour of the court house with our super amazing city judges, and even got to try out the seat of honor--mallet and all;).

Future judges maybe??!!