Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Beautiful Day!

So I've finally made it to the actual purpose for our Utah trip. The reason we travelled the total of about 32 hours, was because Kevin's younger brother (who I first knew as a cute 10-year-old) was getting married to an adorable girl with an infectious laugh. They are super cute together and we are very happy for them. We are also happy that their beautiful wedding forced us to make it back to the beginnings of our own little family, and of course visit some wonderful extended family members (Aunt Sue & Uncle Carl were especially gracious for allowing us to invade their home for the week).

Even though the day before the wedding had been rainy and wet, the wedding day itself was beautiful and mostly clear (albeit a little windy). I guess someone was looking out for the special couple.

Aunt Sue keeping the kids entertained with her iphone
cute cousinsthe kids keeping themselves entertained with Aunt Sue's iphone
brothers... can you picture one more?
wow, have we changed
attempt at family picture part 1
attempt at family picture part 2 Okay, forget the family picture (Hi, Uncle Carl)
the beautiful couple
Kevin's super stylish grandma with kiddies
Kevin's parents (center) with his dad's sister-in-law, brother, and sister--all visiting from Canada--oh, and all 8 (soon to be 10) of the grandchildren
brothers--all grown up
so sweet
just out for a waltz ... looks more like tango, I guess
something to look forward to
my treasures
We had a wonderful day and a wonderful wedding!!

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A Rainy Day at Temple Square

I seriously better pick up the pace of my entries or I'm never going to get caught up. I still have so much to blog about just from our Utah trip alone. Obviously, I didn't quite make my perfect goal of a post a day (not by a long shot), but oh well, perfect is not really my thing anyhow.

Okay, so today is all about our wet but wonderful day at Temple Square (kind of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints'--aka, Mormon--headquarters) in Salt Lake City. Since I accidentally uploaded the pictures in reverse order, I guess we're looking at our day from ending to beginning.

We finished up a very full day at the Museum of Church History and Art that I had never visited before. We didn't even arrive there until after 8:00 at night and the museum closes at 9:00 so our time there was short but very well spent. We went straight to the very hands-on children's exhibit that was currently displayed (I think it's changed now to something else). The kids loved it there!

The kids and their cousins "holding to the iron rod" (if that makes zero sense to you feel free to ask someone who's LDS)
Kevin's sister, Heidi, posing with a replica of the Angel Moroni (located on the top of most lds temples).
Heidi testing out what it would be like to give a talk in General Conference; of course, this is minus the 40,000 people watching in person from the Conference Center and millions of people watching from other locations via broadcast. Any volunteers?
Porter practicing to be a temple architect.
The girls finally getting off our feet for a moment while we watch the kids attempting to put on a nativity play.
And here's what we're watching ...
Mae and cousin having fun at one of the many hands-on activity stations.
My big boy having fun at one of many activity stations.
Brooks trying to dress a baby. Wow, this could be scary.
My other big boys finishing up dinner at the Lion House Restaurant.
You guessed it. Dinner at the Lion House Restaurant.
One of the many beautiful sculptures at one of the Temple Square visitor's centers.
The beautiful Conference Center!!
It was a very long but very great day!!

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

The "Y" Tradition

One thing that all BYU freshman do is hike the "Y". Typically this is done after midnight when the group of students involved are annoyingly hyper and have no better outlet for all that pent-up energy. Well, I don't know if it's because I was obsessed with spending every second of my time with Kevin (my roommates would probably say "yes" to this), but for some reason I never made the hike up to the infamous, and rather large concrete symbol. So, enjoying hiking as we do, we decided to fulfill this BYU tradition as a family.

The hike is really not all that far, but the trail is actually pretty steep. That coupled with a much higher elevation than we're use to made the hike just a little tough for all involved (or at least me and the kids). We stopped frequently to drink water (it was an 80-degree day) and well, breathe; but it was again exciting to watch my kids, tired as they were, keep at it all the same.

It's sort of hard to see, but this picture shows both the gate marking the beginning of the trail, and the painted "Y" up on the mountainside in the left corner of the picture.

Here we are at the gate, ready to begin.
Stopping to breathe.
Stopping to breathe again.
And again ... of course, sitting on the cool rock was also part of the appeal.
Our destination is finally in site.
Yeah! We made it.
Pregnant lady needs a rest.
The hike actually seemed a piece of cake for Kevin; even with Brooks on his back the whole way.
And, of course, the kids now have plenty of energy to play on the spray-painted concrete. Luckily they didn't surprise the love birds below with any unexpected rocks. How I hope they remember these times together.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Memory Lane

Our first official day in Utah (the Provo area), was spent taking a trip down memory lane-- primarily on and around the campus of Brigham Young University. We pointed out the hospital where our oldest two were born, drove by old apartments we'd lived in (including my freshman dorm where Kevin and I first met), showed the kids the spot where Kevin proposed, shopped at the BYU Bookstore, admired the many changes since we were last there six years ago, and more.

The favorite activities of the day, however, had very little to do with old memories and mostly everything to do with making new ones. They were the following ...

Playing in the arcade at the on-campus fun center.

Having fun in our first (non-Wii) family bowling game.

Eating at both of the BYU Creameries; at one for lunch and then at the other an hour later for desert.

And visiting the awesome "Bean" Museum with Grandma, Auntie, and cousins.

We had a blast!