Wednesday, October 30, 2013

mom-daughter tradition

I just love this girl! Have I said that before??;) One of many thing I love doing with her is attending the annual Pacific Ballroom Dance spring showcase. We have a great time being together and watching all the fun student performances.

Getting into our seats before the show.

Just striking a little pose

Love how full of excitement she is!

What's up with the bunny ears??:-)

Already looking forward to next year!

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Sunday, August 25, 2013

Cisco Live! 2013

Kevin's favorite yearly IT event--the CiscoLive! Conference--was just not quite as fantastic as last year (because I wasn't there of course;), but I think he still made the best of it and had a good time all the same.

Ha ha. Just kidding. I'm sure he had such a great time in Florida, he probably hardly noticed my absence!!:-)

Sounds like the conference was as well done as always, and in addition to many great classes, included a couple of performances--the highlight of which was a "customer appreciation" evening concert by Journey.

Glad you enjoyed it, Hon, but nice to have you home:).

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middle school, here we come ...

And last but not least, 5th grade moving on ceremony!!

Can't believe my first baby is heading to middle school! So proud of him for who he is and all his dedication and hard work. Especially proud of him for diving head first with no reservations into elementary school and all that it has had to offer (from honor choir, to chess club, to battle of the books, to b-ball 3-on-3 tourney, to math competition, to class presidency nominee, and to everything else you've given your best throughout the years!)

Way to make the most of life!!

(Couldn't be happier with all his teachers, and definitely couldn't ask for a better best friend!)

Porter, you're a fantastic kid!

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field day fun ...

What's the end of a school year without field day?!!

The weather cooperated this year (if just barely) and the kids had a great time. Pictures are minimal since I only stopped in for a few minutes, and just for the primary grades (Joseph's nap time trumped fun in the "sun"). Thanks to my awesome friend Diem for the few pics I do have.

Mae and friend Eliza.

Mae class tug-o-war.

Brooks class tug-o-war.

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50s sock hop

Up next, porter and James also had an end-of-year concert. The program was super fun--centered around music from the 50s. It was great watching P & J in their own special parts.

Porter with a speaking part ...

(Hi, James)

(Porter and new principal, mrs. Ray)

And James as a Dance Captain ...

(You rock it boy!:)

(Yeah, you too, Marcel!)

So happy that my boys have such great buddies!!

Good work guys! It was probably a long couple of years not only sharing a bedroom, sports teams, and friends, but a classroom as well. You survived, though, and without even a fistfight. Oh, wait, that might be pushing it. Will just leave it at, you survived!;)

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kinder concert

Okay, so the fun begins ...

In addition to a yearly talent show, the end of a school year also brings an array of busyness that, considering it's almost September, I must quickly account for in our family blog (soon to be blog book--I hope).

To start off, we had a great time watching Brooks in his kindergarten concert. In perfect kinder-style the students performed a few adorable songs ...

(Joseph sure liked them)

And then each received a special award--brooks for his reading I'm pretty sure (that's his wonderful teacher on the far left in orange, btw--ms. Sanchez).

Finally, we attempted to watch a slideshow of the kinders throughout the year. Unfortunately, the setting sun made it very tricky to actually see the pictures, but it was a nice thought all the same:).

And on to 1st grade!!

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talent show trio

The school talent show this year was somewhat hijacked by the Dueck kids. Mae and her good friend Lauren began planning a gymnastics routine almost before Christmas brake had ended, James decided to perform an accordion song and play a heart-and-soul duet with porter, and in addition to porter also playing a piano song of his own, it turned out he (and classmate Kaitlin) would be the MCs for the evening.

They all did a great job. Unfortunately my iPhone camera was malfunctioning and Kevin was late arriving so pictures are fairly limited.

Here are a couple, though, of porter doing a great job conducting the show ...

And here's a couple of the waiting performers (James on the far left in a blue-gray shirt, and Mae and friend at front in pink and black).

Great job, guys! I'm proud of you for practicing hard (mostly;), and getting up in front of an audience even though it can be a little scary!

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mad dash 2013

So, what's the biggest whirlwind of an evening in the Dueck family (other than every night from wrestling through lacrosse season)?? Fathers and Sons--the yearly camp out where Kevin and the boys load up in the car, drive to the current year's designated campground, run around in a pack of other boys and dads, poke sticks in a big ole' campfire (hoping no one gets burned), and then try to get a decent night's sleep before waking up and attempting to pack in as much dirty, aggressive, boy-type fun before loading up and returning to normal, functioning civilization. All in about 20 hours or less.

Ready, set ...


Love my boys!!

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family wedding

We were lucky enough this year to have lots of Kevin's family in town for the marriage of his cousin to a cute young girl from our area. It was great to see everyone--if only for a few hours.

The wedding took place at the Seattle temple ...

And the reception was the following evening at the old train depot (turned museum) in downtown Tacoma.

What a nice (and busy) weekend!

Between the wedding and reception, Kevin and the boys even managed to fit in an overnight camp out ... Just to keep things crazy.

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Sunday, August 4, 2013

byu fathers & sons

P, J, and K had an awesome opportunity over Memorial Day weekend to attend BYU's Fathers and Sons Basketball Camp. We had heard about it the previous year, registered very early (along with some 800 other individuals--the reason why you have to register early;), and when the time finally came, packed them up and sent them on their way.

They had a fantastic time being on the BYU campus.

Staying in the dorms.

Decking themselves out in BYU gear.

Hanging with Cosmo!

And with Dad (not to mention, the big bronze cougar)!!

A favorite part of the weekend was eating pretty much whatever they pleased in the Cannon Center cafeteria!! (I think that's what it's called--been a long time)

Soda for breakfast. Whaaat! Where's your momma, child:)??

They had lots of fun together (right, boys???;)

Enjoyed being with other great kids and dads.

And played lots of sports (not just b-ball).

Getting a game in at the Marriott Center.

Throwing a football around in Cougar (Lavell Edwards) Stadium.

And in addition to sports, they were able to participate in lots of other fun activities like laser tag, the bowling and arcade center, and these fun inflatables.

And a final highlight was all the great speakers throughout the weekend, and a well-planned Sunday program--with a trip to Salt Lake for Music and the Spoken Word.

Touring around Temple Square.

And a great Sacrament Meeting, including President Henry B. Eyring as the main speaker.

Love these boys (as well as the two who stayed home with me)!!!

Visiting our old duck pond before leaving campus.

And a quick dinner visit with Nick and Melanie (and Heidi).

So much fun!!! Glad you boys could go, and hope it works out again next year!

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