Friday, April 18, 2014

stand in holy places

Why is it that everything seems to happen all at once instead of spaced out in nice little bite-sized segments? An a unavoidable fact of life I suppose.

In just the first several days of July--give or take a bit, we drove to and from Utah (and played a lot in between), hauled James daily to scout camp, traveled to/spoke at our stake youth conference (youth group weekend event), celebrated our 14-year anniversary (post to follow), and who knows what else.

That's okay, we were excited for the opportunity to be with these awesome young people and talk about the importance of "standing in holy places".

Here we are with one of our groups ...

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Thursday, April 17, 2014

scouts in space

Well one son has "graduated" from cub scouts, and two are not yet old enough to participate. But we still have one studly cub scouter going strong. And quite a stud (and scouter) he is!!

Big J was able to hang out at Cub Scout camp for a few days this summer, and we had the privilege of hanging out with him the last evening for family night.

Here we are (minus the picture taker) eating our picnic dinner.

Mr. Stud himself.

Mr. Stud in front of the rocket ship (the theme this year was outer space).

Mr. Stud with his group's flag.

Picture Taker (AKA, The Hottie) with a bunch 'o scouts.

Miss adorable.

The Stud (and Miss Adorable) sitting still.

The Stud playing games.

The Stud launching a water bottle rocket.

Time for firebowl.

The Stud as an alien (from outer space;).

The Stud performing in his skit.

Still performing.

Thanks awesome studly scouter for letting us join you!!

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Monday, April 14, 2014

dueck fam reunion 2013 ... utah road trip

The first of our 2013 summer trips was for our annual Dueck Family Reunion. This year we high-tailed it to Utah and stayed in a fun cabin in Sundance.

The high-tailing was quite literal.

Here's the rundown ...

We were supposed to leave on a Friday--giving us two days to travel before a Sunday-morning baby blessing--but since Kevin's flight from Florida was delayed and then delayed again, Friday night was really not an option. Not unless we wanted to start his week's worth of laundry (so he'd actually have something to pack) at midnight and set out in the dead of the night.

We didn't.

Instead we opted for a 5:00am departure and clipped along at a nice pace. We did steal a quick 30 minutes to meet our fantastic friends (who happened to be on the same road trip as us) for dinner, and then ended the day at the home of Kevin's awesome and gracious cousin and family.

Somehow I ended up without any pics from the blessing. Carly was a gem, though, and we were happy to be there for the first of her many special occasions! The evening of the blessing we met for family pictures (no pics right now but maybe I'll post some later).

Then (more or less) we headed for Sundance to continue the fun.

Fun outside.

Fun inside.

Fun with cousins.

Fun for toddlers.

Fun in cars.

Fun on hikes (Stewart Falls to be exact).

My "having-fun" face.

Lots of fun on the hike in fact (many photos below to prove it).

And now back to the cabin ...

Fun getting dirty.

Fun gaming.


Lots of fun playing cards.

Fun loving.

Fun kissing--ooh la la.

Fun at trafalga ...

On boats.

In cars.

On walls.

And fun just hanging out as one awesome family.

Oh, and lots fun with this sweet baby.

And last but not least (for the utah portion at least), fun watching fireworks

So, I don't know why I didn't just make this it's own separate post, but after we finished our crazy fun with the Dueck family, we headed towards home, stopping off to see my big bro along the way.

We had a ton of fun for the two nights we stayed in the very very small town of Vale, OR (my first home and a place rich in history for my very large family).

And the fun continued ...

On horses.

On 4-wheelers.

With hair curlers (hi, Mom!).

Being cowboys.

Going swimming.

So much fun swimming!!

And then the fun begins all over again.

(Uncle Mick--my brother and host of all the fun).

And just when the trip couldn't get any more enjoyable we hit the big Vale 4th of July Rodeo!

Nice hat, James.

Don't get too excited, Porter!!;)

And how'd we do on the electric bull?? Let's just say, it may have been pretty obvious we're from the city:-).

Grandma Loo had fun being with us--I think:).

Finally we had to say goodbye to all the fun and excitement, but decided to ease into reality with a quick midway stop in Baker city to check out the historical hotel and play at the city park.

Such a wonderful trip with the family! Can't wait for whatever fun awaits us next year!!

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