Thursday, January 14, 2016

back-to-school (september 2014)

I could almost cry right now looking at these pics of my kiddos. They're from over a year ago (since, yes, I'm still super behind) and they look sooo much younger. Especially the older kids--P in particular. I love watching them get bigger and have amazing experiences, but it's definitely a little sad thinking ahead four years to when the fist one will leave the house:(. 

Anyhoo, enough of my pity party. Here's pics from our first day of school for the 2014-2015 school year!!
6th & 7th grade for these two!

4th & 2nd for these cool kids!

My lovely "little" lady.

Having a bit of fun ... 

Doing some posing!!

Brooks had to get in on the action as well;)!

And then official school pictures ...
B (2nd)

M (4th)

J (6th) 

P (7th)

I sure love these kids!!!!

Joseph 4th b-day (september 2014)

The youngest member of our crazy family turned 4 in 2014, and I really can't say enough wonderful things about what a blessing it has been to have this little guy in our home. He is a joyful, loving, and energetic kid. How grateful I am for the miracle that allowed him to arrive in our family safe and healthy, despite the challenges that accompanied his delivery. 

For his big day, he was lucky enough to have a "daycare party" (with his friends from g-ma D's daycare) ... 

 Ninja Turtle poster from Grandma!!

Pin the mask on Leonardo:)

Coloring with daycare friends!

Eating yummy cupcakes. 

And balloon time!!!

Nice, Joe!

And a "family party" where he enjoyed the careful planning of his siblings:-) ...

Awesome race car cake ...

Made by fantastic Ms. Mae:-)

Backyard set up for birthday fun.

Presents from the fam.

A second birthday poster, this time by brother James!

Family fun!!

Kiddos ready for cake;)

So much excitement celebrating this fantastic kid!!

Thursday, January 7, 2016

end-of-summer fun!! (August 2014)

And now, to finish out the month of August (and therefore the summer, more or less). Here are the final pics ... 

Bunch o' jungle kids hanging around in Aunt Jilly's cool tree 
(notice Joe is coloring the whole thing--and himself--with sidewalk chalk).

Family sleep over on the trampoline ... 
(the kids had been wanting us to do this with them for years--we finally bit the bullet and went for it, for better or worse)

Morning after;).

And Bishop's night with our awesome girls at YW Camp--notice K's (far right) pretty headband:-).

ross lake high adventure (august 2014)

I've realized I have to keep my posts extremely brief or I'm NEVER going to get caught up (you can't see it right now, but I'm pretty much in tears about STILL being almost a year-and-a-half behind).

So, that said ... 

Here's the beautiful Ross Lake (North Cascades National Park)!!

Here are the boys (my older two, plus cousin P, and good buddy Ben) arriving at the lake. 

Here are the boys canoeing on the lake (and to their campsites).

More canoeing. 

Here are the boys setting up and hanging out around camp ...

Chopping wood and checking out the wildlife at camp ...

Messing around and posing at camp ... 

Still posing at camp ... 

Yep, more posing ... 

Almost done here ...

Okay, and moving on, here are the boys fishing in the lake. 

Happens to be one of the favorite pastimes for this trip!

Day fishing, night fishing--it's all good:)

Nice, boys!!

And of course, here are the boys swimming in the lake. 

Planks, jumps, cannonballs, gainers, and whatever else they can come up with. 

The lake is super freezing, hence the usefulness of shorties. 
I don't think we passed on the shorty memo to poor cousin P, who ended up with nothin' but a GoPro for extra warmth;).

When the boys weren't canoeing, hanging around camp, fishing, or swimming, they just kinda messed around by the lake.
Cuz messing around is fun.

You know what else is fun (actually not fun at all, but kinda funny)?! Getting stuck in the bathroom for a spell. Yep.
It's pretty hard to see it, but if you look closely, cousin P's footprints are visible on the inside of the door from where he tried to muscle his way out of this thing. 

Okay, and finally time for the boys to say goodbye to Ross Lake!!