Friday, April 29, 2016

march 2015 misc.

And to finish out the month of March, we have ... 

Goofing around!

More brotherly love!!

Kevin getting picked for and completing a great year with the Weyerhaeuser Next Generation leadership program--thanks for always working so hard, Hon!!!

And an amazing weekend with my mom, sister, and wonderful friends at Time Out for Women. 

firestation heroes (march 2015)

This was such a cool experience, and I'm so grateful for our amazing friend who set it up for us!! How it started was that Kevin was observing some different businesses for a safety project at work. A friend of ours is a fire chief and was very kind to allow Kevin to hang out at the station for a day, going on a ride-along, and just observing a lot of great processes. This friend was also super kind to invite me and the kids to stop by at the end of the day as well for a tour of the station. 

All the firefighters were so great, inviting, and helpful!!

We got to go for a quick ride in a fire engine!

Then we checked out the fire truck with its super long ladder ...

Which I ended up getting to go up in--yikes!! 
I hopped on up while the platform was lowered, they slowly raised it up into the air (really high!!) ...

And then I climbed back down.

After that, the kiddos got a lesson on fire hoses.

Specifically, rolling them up--which, of course, means they first had to got to unroll them!!

Those things are heavy!

When we were all done it was time for chores. 
So cool to get to wash up the fire engine along with the firefighters!!

What a great day for all of us. We're so grateful all the amazing guys (and gals I'm assuming) out there who devote their careers to this important work. 

live long and prosper--or something like that (emerald city comicon, march 2015)

Another big highlight of late-winter/early-spring was Emerald City Comicon!! Kevin decided it would be fun to check it out so we asked the kids who wanted to go. Turned out they pretty much all did. In fact, I'm thinking Mae was interested as well, but had something else going on at the time. 

When it came down to it, Kevin, Porter, James, and Brooks dressed up in their best comic-themed t-shirts, played hooky from school and work, and made their way up to Seattle for the packed event. 

They didn't end up with a whole lot of pics, but here they are in the morning before heading out ...(Getting a good picture of all of them was a bit tricky). 

Couldn't resist the strong-man pose. 

At the actual event, they did manage to get one pic with R2-D2. 

And another one playing Magic the Gathering.
I think there was a whole room set aside for it--Porter's dream come true;). 

Despite the lack of pictures, there was definitely not a lack of people in costume, sci-fi star appearances, robots and gadgets, and of course FUN.

Glad you got to spend the day together guys!!

Thursday, April 28, 2016

pinewood derby (march 2015)

Okay, so looks like I spoke too soon on the pinewood derby pics in the feb. post. Oops!! Turns out Pinewood Derby was actually in March, and I just found these little beauties separated from their already-shown counterparts to show all the excitement.

What an amazing dad, still working on pinewood derby cars with his very-excited children after all these years!! Looks like this pic shows the best part--torching things;).

Closer up ... 

Yep, Brooks' smile says it all!!

Can't really see it here, but Mae's smiling as well:-). I think we found the mask in our emergency backpack, which works great (and is pretty fun to wear) with sawdust flying all around the garage.

Here's Mae working on her own pinewood derby car ...

A slice of birthday cake, complete with sprinkles and a cute little candle.

And for the big day (although Brooks' event isn't shown here)! 
Mae's the one on the far left. 

If you look closely, you can tell that our little Mae is just a bit competitive (years of living with a house full of rowdy boys)!!

february 2015 misc.

 And to finish out February, we have ... 

Pinewood Derby for Brooks and Mae!!

Mae all ready for her school Valentine's Day party, with the dipped heart-shaped brownies she made for her class!

And Mae all geared up for "nerd" day!! 

I seriously think this is probably her favorite spirit day theme!!

Oh my goodness. Am I moving on to another month already?!! Woohoo!!!!

point defiance (february 2015)

Beautiful winter weekends seem to be the standard in recent posts! Which is kinda weird considering we live in the PNW. But hey, no complaints from me!!

Later in February, on another beautiful weekend, we decided to check out Point Defiance Park. James needed to complete a 5-mile compass/hike requirement for scouts and we thought it would be nice to get out as a family anyway. We had been to the Point Defiance Zoo on several occasions, but after 9 years in the area hadn't ever visited this beautiful location. Not entirely surprising, I suppose, as we do tend to try and get out away from the city when we hike, and this park happens to be right in Tacoma along the water. Still, though, it was a very pleasant little spot and we were happy to have checked it out--in fact, we liked it so much from a scenery perspective, that we decided to use it for our family pictures later in the year. Which proved to be a great choice!!

I think I'll just let the pictures speak for themselves this time ... 

the OMSI tradition continues (portland trip, february 2015)

February brought another fun weekend trip, when we headed down to visit Grandma and Grandpa Jacobs in the Portland area. 

We got lucky with beautiful weather, so enjoyed spending a laid-back Sunday afternoon out in G-ma/G-pa's luscious yard! The kids even got to play with cousins which is always a big bonus!!

As is the custom when we visit, Grandpa took us all to OMSI (Oregon Museum of Science and Industry, for a great day of hands-on exploration and fun. 

Joseph being the Lego-maniac he is, loved the Legos and Lego table (and especially loved that Grandpa hung out with him while he made his creations). Mae had fun with the digi-pen. And the older boys (and actually Mae as well, although not shown in the picture) really enjoyed using the stop-motion animation station:). 

Never knew old-school dominoes could be such a hit!

Of course there were a ton of other sections to check out as well, like interactive mind puzzles and water system machines, etc. 

And so much to build with (definitely a paradise for most kids--Joseph included!!). Grandpa helped Mae put together this cube bridge. Of course, the best part was knocking it down!

This water-pressure station was pretty cool too! Build up the pressure, and watch the "rocket" fly!!

We could barely get these three to leave the green screen and health news room, they were having so much fun!! 

And of course Joseph LOVED playing with all the water activities!!

What a great time. I feel so blessed to have such wonderful parents who have taught me many things (including the importance of family) and are truly amazing grandparents to my children!!