Sunday, August 4, 2019

wanna' do something completely insane??? (january 2018, extended edition)

Okay, so there was one other "thing" we kinda sorta did in January.

Here are some hints ...

  • It's something crazy
  • In fact, I'm pretty sure it's something only insane people do
  • It involves chopping and prepping hundreds of pounds of veggies
  • And washing thousands of dishes
  • It kinda feels like riding a roller-coaster
  • It always keeps you on your toes (no actually, to do this you'd better have a quality pair of cross trainers)
We took a massive leap into the great unknown and started a restaurant (insert here all the crazy faces you can think of)!!!

In reality, working towards opening this restaurant started LONG before January 2018 (around 2 1/2 years before in fact), but in January ...
  • the franchise was finally registered in the US (it's a Canadian company ...
  • we had finally arranged all the financial bits
  • the right location had finally become available (something that took months and months, as well as at least one false alarm)
  • insert here, about a hundred or so additional tasks, conversations, and/more milestones that had finally been seen to
In January our lease negotiation was finalized and we got access to our space ...

And began the long-awaited "build-out"!!

Oh you sweet, happy people ... 
you don't even know what you've gotten yourself into (insert your best evil scientist laugh)

Hope you enjoyed the extended edition of January 2018. Don't worry, more insanity to follow!!

january 2018 misc.

January is my friend right now, because it has very few pictures to sort through.

Meaning, this is going to be short and sweet!
Meaning, I get to knock out an ENTIRE month in one shot!!
Meaning, I'll have another post down and only a bajillion to go!!!

So, to begin AND to finish off January, we have ...

More from the sleeping beauties:)
Why do I have a feeling there's going to be payback from these ones someday?:/

Cake making!!

(by Mae of course, and this time in honor of Cousin G's b-day)

Followed by, cake eating!!

Pumpin' some iron.

Ballroom dance ...

From this talented girl!

And last but not least, surprise attack on Dad!!!

Excitement complete!!

what's in the mailbox? (January 2018)

Our first act of 2018 was pretty darn awesome. 

On New Year's day, we woke up unreasonably early (so early that it was very dark and very cold and I really wanted to go back to bed), and headed towards Snoqualmie to the Mailbox Peak trail ( I had been told about this trail many times and was definitely a bit hesitant; I also had never done winter hiking and wasn't sure it would be my thing--I hate being cold and wet at the same time, and a snow-covered trail seemed very unpromising in that regard. 

Still ... it also sounded like a pretty cool adventure (which I do like) so I decided to give it a try. No surprise, James and Kevin were more than happy to join in as well!

We layered up ...

No snow pants or snow coats! That would be WAY too hot and get you all sweaty in the first several minutes of the hike. Which would def not feel good later when it's windy and quite freezing at the peak. On the flip side, a big YES, to micro-spikes, waterproof boots, and fatty gloves!!

Then we headed to the trail! 

One fantastic part of this specific hike, is that we tag along with a great group of friends!!

I honestly don't have many pictures ... it was almost too cold to take off your gloves even just for a few minutes to get out the phone and snap a few.

I did manage a selfie at the Peak!

No one really wanted to stay up at the top that day because the wind chill was pretty intense, so it was really just me, the mailbox, and the incredible view. I was worried my phone would freeze up and not work long enough for a picture, but fortunately ...

As soon as I'd had a moment though to see the view and snap a picture, I bolted back down and out of that wicked cold as quickly as I could!

Unfortunately, I bolted so quickly that I didn't even stop to see what was in the darn mailbox!!!:-( A friend asked me about it later, and I couldn't believe I hadn't taken a peek. Ah, well. Next time I guess.

Oh, the mystery!:-)
Hope it wasn't a million dollars;)

The way down was pretty awesome, as we again got to enjoy all the winter beauty we had gawked at on the way up. Before we knew it, everyone had made it back down to the parking lot 
(of course, some--namely the teenagers--had been down a LOT longer than others;).

Ready for naps ... and maybe some donuts!

Hoping this one sticks as a yearly tradition!! 

Sunday, July 21, 2019

goodbye 2017!!

And just like that, we're saying goodbye to 2017!! 

Of course we had to decorate:)

Have a cookie decorating station. 

Play some fun family bingo!
(thanks Aunt Allie for starting this fun tradition)

And enjoy never-ending food and games. 

Moving on!!!

december 2017 misc.

And to finish off December we have ...

The Christmas tie bros!!

Polar Express Christmas party.

Happy the Elf takes Joseph on a scavenger hunt!

Cousin G's annual nativity ballet.

Field trip time with lil' J!!

Holiday wrestling tourneys.

Family movie time @ Jumanji!!

Service project!!

Star Wars movie outing w/ the Leonards:-)

Sure love this guy;)

christmas day 2017

After a wonderful night of celebration, we eventually managed to pull all our sleepy teenagers out of bed to open presents. Their little bro. should probably win an award for being so patient;). 

Even once they made it downstairs, they were still awfully sleepy and not exactly eager to dig in to their stockings. It's funny (and a bit sad) how Christmas morning changes so much when kids start to grow up.

Everyone eventually started to wake up and feel the excitement of Christmas morning ... especially Kevin maybe;)??

Joseph pretty much spent the entire day building with new Lego sets. 

Before long, round 1 of grandparents began to stop in for some show n' tell. 

And more games!

Mae made her way out for some fun and friendship in the snow:).

Before the day was over, we had to enjoy a little bit of laser tag!

Round 2 of grandparents (the G-ma Loo) came by later in the evening for even more show-n-tell!!

And (in a nutshell) that was it!! A simple but beautiful Christmas.