Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Halloween 2009

Halloween is a favorite around our house. Kevin loves watching "scary" movies, I'm a fan of the pumpkin carving and pumpkin cookies, and the kids of course love the candy (big surprise, huh?). It's a tradition for us to attend our church's Halloween carnival and trunk or treat on Halloween night. This year we also had a school carnival and an amusement park Fright Night the week before, an early party on the day of, and then a very brief session of neighborhood trick or treating just after. The fun never stops. Of course, I'm not a great costume planner and we always seem to be jumping into whatever we can scrounge up thirty minutes before we go running out the door.

I suppose I should explain what we are just in case it's not obvious. Kevin and I are pirates (either that or extremely attractive biker people), Brooks is the most adorable Batman ever, James is a hairy pirate, Mae is a cross between a ballerina, princess, and wingless fairy, and Porter is a ripped Spider-Man (doesn't he wish). Oh and my mom is what she is every year, a pumpkin fairy, Heidi is a U-dub fan (can't imagine why), James and Porter's friend that came with us--along with his brother--(see first pic below) is a ninja, and the Harry Potter next to them just happens to be a innocent bystander (and cute boy from James' church class) of my blurry and obnoxious photo taking obsession. I'm pretty sure I just made everything even less obvious.

Here's some pics ...

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Little Bella's Birthday

I was not the kind of girl that grew up dreaming about getting married and having babies. I didn't visualize my wedding ring, wedding dress, or wedding cake, and it never crossed my mind to think up baby names or imagine the house I'd live in. I hear that some people do this. How fun. I seriously missed out! When I left for college, I thought I would graduate after a few years, start a career, spend some time out of the country and then marry when I was 28 (seemed like a good age). All I can say is that I am so glad someone had a very different plan for me.

I was putting on a movie for Brooks and Mae today and noticed my boys' school pictures on top of the DVD shelf and my heart just melted. The feeling was probably amplified by the precious fact that in the pictures they hold really still and smile no matter what I ask them to do. I'm so lucky to be a mom!

The child that I have the privilege of blogging about today is Mae. It was her birthday about two weeks ago. So, what can I say about our little Mae? The better question is seriously what can I not say? Mae is a vibrant and expressive and so full of life that it often appears as though she's on the verge of bursting into a million sparkly pieces. She loves to sing, loves to dance, loves to draw and color, loves to narrate everything she does, loves pink, loves friends, loves making messes, and just ADORES life. Life in the Dueck home would not be the same without her.

If it was up to her, for her birthday each year she would fill our house with as many friends as possible and just laugh and giggle all day long. Unfortunately, her mother is much more practical than she is, so friend parties only happen every other year. This year we got together and had a party with the family. Here are some of the pics ....