Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Girls Night

A couple of months ago (that's how behind I am in my blogging:), the boys in our family had their annual fathers-and-sons campout. It is such a great event and the boys sincerely look forward to it every year. Unfortunately, I don't have any pictures from their fun weekend.

Mae and I, however, have started an annual tradition of our own, coinciding with the testosterone-driven camping trip. No surprise, we took plenty of pictures to share!

Last year during our girls night, I was hastily preparing for YW camp, so poor Mae just got to stay up late with myself and a good friend/camp assistant (love ya, Ruth!), eating pizza, drinking smoothies, and sorta watching a movie while spray painting wiffle balls and attempting to turn a large white sheet into an attractive camp banner;).

This year, now that I'm no longer in charge of girls camp, things were a little more low key. We ventured out to the store for Mae to pick out her very first pillow pet (shown below), and then returned home to watch a movie, paint fingernails, and then watch another movie in bed while falling quickly to sleep ... another late night and oh so fun!!

This little girl is so amazing!

And so much fun to be around.She is just as goofy as she is beautiful, and I LOVE that about her! Are we smiling because of the pillow pet ... or because there are no boys around??:):) Painted toe nails Little feet are the cutest! Thanks, Mae, for being my not-so-little anymore yet always amazing daughter!!

Saturday, July 2, 2011

James' Baptism

J ...

Jack of all trades

A ...

Always ready for the next challenge

M ...

Master of the pogo stick and back flip (trampoline style)

E ...

Excellent at climbing, fixing, building, biking, etc.

S ...

Such a good babysitter for little Joseph

A while back I blogged about James' 8th birthday, and now I finally get to blog about his baptism! The fact that it's now July 2nd and this all took place on May 7th? Well, that's just life. Even two months late, I would never miss the opportunity to mention how amazing this kid is, and how great it was to share in his baptism day with him.

Here is the whole family (minus picture taker, Heidi). We were also privileged to have some good friends join us ... Manjares and Sanner families, Grishams, Dawnette, etc.

There really is no greater joy than watching your children grow and make good choices.

These two are such great buds. James loves to help his dad with projects around the house (fixing things, splitting wood, home improvement projects). Grandma Loo! Grandpa & Grandma Dueck! Grandpa John!

Auntie Heidi! And here's our crazy, goofy, loud, active, amazing family!

Ouch! Watch the hair, Joseph.

James, you are an outstanding boy! You are so good at figuring out how things work. Thanks for fixing things for me and teaching me how to use my own phone/ipad:). You are smart, funny, handsome, strong, kind, gentle, and loving. It is an honor to be your mother!