Saturday, August 13, 2011

Buckley Log Show & "Parade"

I'm sure to those outside of the NW (or possibly north as a whole), the concept of an entire show based around logs, logging, and loggers, is completely foreign and a bit freakish; however, in Buckley, WA, the annual log show is, in fact, an anticipated event. A weekend complete with log chopping, climbing, racing, and a parade that consists of many massive logging trucks and logging equipment, ridden on by adults and cute little logging children throwing an assortment of candy. Never having been before ourselves, we thought we'd try it out.

You may be wondering how fuzzy ponies fit in with a log show?? Well, just like any community "fair" or weekend event, the Buckley log show also had its share of vendors and activities--which the kids loved ... although maybe not so much as the candy from the parade.

James holding a pull up at the Marine-sponsored tent. There was also a 6-month pregnant lady doing it ... huh??
Here's Kevin, James, and Joseph in the show arena.

It's difficult to see in the picture, but there are young loggers at the top of each of those vertical logs. When I say young, I certainly do not mean children, but I assume they can't be much more than thirty to be able to make the climb and still have energy to chop. The crane on the left is someone unafraid of heights taking pictures. Grandpa Dueck and Porter.

Kevin's folks met up with us partway through the day. My mom was also there, but so many other people were also eager to attend the Buckley Log show that it wasn't exactly easy to tag up with each other.

I think Brooks is asking gramps for money;)

Oh wait, maybe he just wants kettle corn, since it looks like that's what his sister is eating.

Here we all are.

We certainly did have a fun day. The Buckley Log Show turned out to be a fun event.

Warning though to parents: not that I'm making judgements about loggers;), but the type of suggestive comments, beer consumption (albeit mostly in the beer garden), and ogling that you might expect to find at a log show, was present. Not to a crazy degree, but it was certainly there. Fortunately, it was loud and crowded enough that the kids didn't seem to notice. Still, you would want to use discretion.

Daddy's Boy

I love these adorable pictures. For a while there, Joseph was happy to pick his dad over pretty much any other person ... including me much of the time. Kevin could make him giggle and laugh for minutes on end. Since some of that has recently changed, and now at 11 mos. he has a very heightened case of mommy-itis, I find these pictures to be even more precious.

Joseph in attack mode ... an old favorite pastime. In admiration! Okay, ready to play again.
Daddy's so silly!

Not to mention, the best dad in the world!

Love them both!

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

If I Only Had a Sister, Pt. 2

These pictures are from a couple of months back, but I couldn't resist posting them. Mae and our good friend, Isabelle, had a little too much fun with Joseph one day, dressing him up in one of my baby dresses (yes, that makes it fairly ancient;).

The fun part was how patient and calm he was as the girls played dolly with him. He sat fairly still while they stuffed him into the too-small-dress and fastened up as many buttons as they could manage. I think he was so calm because he was in a daze of "is this what I have to put up with for the rest of my life?"

What are these crazy girls doing to me!?

Anyone have an extra baby sister for sale ... preferably one that likes to be dressed up all day long? The girls also had to add on a hat that Mae got for Easter this past year.
I can't tell if he's contemplating laughing or crying in this picture. Here I think he's just finally resigned to his hopeless state.

Oh, Joseph, we sure love you! You mean so much to our family. And I'm happy to report that Mae's insatiable appetite for dressing you up in frilly things seems to be at an end ... I think:).