Sunday, March 11, 2012

daddy daughter birthday

Since Mae is our child who looks the most like Kevin (of course in a very feminine sort of way;), it's only natural that she should share a birthday with him, right? Okay, maybe that doesn't make any sense, and they don't exactly share a birthday (their actual big days are 6 days apart), but they do often share a b-day party--as was the case this year.

For Kevin, this b-day was the big "35". Of course, aside from the sprinkle of gray hairs--visible only during his "need-a-haircut" stage--he really doesn't look older than 20-something. Despite my being 3 1/2 years younger, we'll probably be one of those couples someday where people wonder if I'm the wife or the mom;). Ah, well, at least I get to be married to such a handsome young man.

Nothing like a camping gift ...

This is a piece of calligraphy that Kevin made in high school. It is of the poem, "Good Timber," by Douglas Malloch (a family favorite).

James, Auntie Heidi, and Brooks making silly faces ..

And again ..

I think Mae is holding chopsticks here that she got from Grandma ... Long story;).

She did receive a couple of their gifts (besides the chopsticks), but mostly she got what you see in this next picture ... MONEY.

Money that she intended to use to buy this little piece of work ...

Ah man, how I love you two!! There is simply nothing better than family!

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