Friday, April 8, 2011

What's That Yellow Stuff??

So admittedly it's been a little gloomy around here, and I'm not just talking about the weather. I ended up with the flu on Saturday--all that achy, feverish, respiratory awfulness. Unfortunately, that happened to be the first day of LDS ("Mormon") General Conference:(. I know I've blogged about this before, but General Conference is two days of incredible televised talks from the prophet, apostles, and other inspired individuals. It also happens to represent a family tradition, where we go to Kevin's parents' house (on Sunday at least), eat crepes and bacon for breakfast, and hang out all day watching conference together, only to eat something yummy for dinner as well. I typically post a video of my favorite talk, but since I was half dead during the actual event, I can hardly remember anything I listened to. I'll try to post my favorite talk once I decide what it was. For any curious individuals or closet Mormons (you know who you are!) you can find out more about our church by checking out Anyway, to make matters worse, the kids have been home all week long for Spring Break with me still totally sick. "Wow, kiddies, how about we lay around for a week making sure mom has enough tissue to cover a mountain and listening to her hack up a lung!" Yeah, what a fun break. Okay, so the reason I'm even blogging right now is because we actually experienced a ray of sunshine (literally) yesterday afternoon. I was still feeling awful, but the sun came out for the first time all week, the three older kids were in the backyard having a great time playing together, and I was in the kitchen basking in the golden rays of light pouring in through the sliding glass door. So at this moment of somewhat perfect serenity (minus the throbbing sinuses), my always humorous four-year-old walks into the kitchen, looks around puzzled, and inquires ... "What's all this yellow stuff?" Huh? So I reply ... "Uh, it's called sunshine." Yep, it's a sad reality. My poor child hardly knows sunshine even when he's blinded by it. Regardless, we were all very happy for a little yellow stuff, and are looking forward to a lot more yellow stuff in the future--especially now that I'm starting to feel a little better ... now that's some yellow stuff for you.