Saturday, June 11, 2011

On Orthodontics ...

I just took Porter to the orthodontist for the first time for a consultation. After hearing about the "Phase 1" work that was recommended, and the price tag involved, Kevin says ...

'Porter's going to have to work a long time without allowance to pay off his orthodontics."

Porter, of course, is only 9-years old:). His father then adds on,

"He'll be like an indentured servant."

Ha! Poor kid. He doesn't even want the painful, unsightly work done in the first place, and now he's on track to become our personal slave for basically the rest of his life (especially once we hit "Phase 2" ... yikes!).

Sorry, Porter. We will try to be kind masters;).

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Where Is This Child's Mother??

Where in the world is this adorable child's mother? Does she realize that her little 8-month-old baby is getting plastered with stickers by his crazy big brother! I'm pretty sure this qualifies as neglect. And she calls herself his mom.

Good luck little Joe. I'll be praying for you.

Two Cute Cub Scouts

Since James is now 8, he recently was able to start Cub Scouts--something he is incredibly excited about, since he loves loves LOVES anything relating to the outdoors. He is a gem of a boy and is already an excellent little scout!

Mom and Cub

Such a cute kid.
Brother Scouts ... could it get any cuter? (if only they were always so happy with each other;)

Thirty Something

I feel like I waited forEVER to turn thirty. I talked about it, joked about it, planned for it, anticipated it, etc. etc. and finally, at a snail's pace, the day arrived (last year of course). The crazy part is I'm pretty sure my 31st birthday was just a week later. Seriously, the year flew by so quickly. I can now see why, at 32, my sweet husband was already commenting on being close to 40. I know the term, "time flies" is really cliche, but it just does!

Here I am (now 31-years old) at my in-law's home with my hubby. How I adore him and appreciate all he does. As a side note, I just realized that the shirt I'm wearing in this picture makes me look prego, which I most certainly am NOT. Just wanted to throw that out there in case anyone was wondering.

Here I am with some of my kiddies being spoiled as always. I've never been a gadget person, but I do love my new toy:).And here is my "little" family all together. What a fun girl picture, starring Kevin's mom and sister in the middle, as well as my mom on the right. Oh, and by the way, I'm sporting my new shirt (b-day gift) that I just love!

Thanks everyone! I'll see you next week for the big "32".

I love school. I love field trips and popcorn days, talent shows and assemblies, school library books and end-of-the-year field days. And I really love the interactions between the kids and their many excellent teachers!

Here are a couple of pics of James and Mae at their yearly school concert. They happened to be combined this year which was nice. I think we forgot to take the camera to Porter's concert which took place a month before--shhhh, don't tell.

James is the one in orange and white stripes--can't miss him;)

Mae is on the second row, fourth one in from the right (behind the kid in black with the cute tie).

8 is GREAT!

James was fortunate enough (or unfortunate enough depending on how you look at it) to share his birthday with Easter Sunday this year. Possibly the reason I don't have very many pictures of his portion of the event--oops.

Opening presents.

The main thing James asked for this year was money so he could buy his own fly fishing rod, reel, etc. (he's quite the outdoorsman), he did get a few other fun things, though.Pop-up soccer goals.
This is just here because it's cute.

Key-lime cupcakes.

James really wanted key-lime cheesecake from Costco (also my favorite!!) but they haven't carried it for the past two years:(, so I used a recipe my mother-in-law gave me. The cupcakes were delicious!

James, Porter, and Dad also spent a fun afternoon swimming at a local community center in honor of the big day, but unfortunately, I don't have have pictures of that.

Love you, James (the Jammer) Dueck!!