Thursday, February 9, 2017

september 2016 misc.

And to finish off September we have ...

Joseph can't get enough of his new Angry Birds Game (thanks, Auntie Jill!)

Kevin's work moves downtown.

This guy is pretty excited about his mad Zelda gaming skills;). 

James' dream comes true: he finally gets to climb on the roof! 
(only trade off is that it's to clean a disgusting bird present)

Mom vs. this hungry crowd at Arby's while Dad's away on business.

Porter and friend work the shoulder angel.

Joseph's first ride with no training wheels 
(he's all geared up and has a great teacher).

 Donut date ...

... with this donut-loving guy (specifically Crown Donuts).

Fun times in the Escape Room:/!

 Saturday morning run.
(staying in shape for XC season)

Porter Way!!

Joseph gets a lecture ... while Kevin tests out a new backpacking air mattress.
(why not kill two birds with one stone, right?!)

Here comes October ...

porter 15th b-day (september 2016)

Just a few days after our trip, Porter turned 15! Only one year to go until a Driver's License. Crazy and exciting!! Porter is such a great kid. He's super smart and analytical, wants to understand the world, is a great speaker, is interested in politics and current events, loves anime (which kinda drives me crazy;), loves a good game of ping pong or Magic the Gathering, is a great cuddler (he'll probably hate me for that one), is strong and athletic, is kind and respectful to others, and really tries to do what is right. 

To celebrate his birthday we of course got together as a family--because that's what we do!

We hung out and ate some of his favorite food.

Gave him some pretty fun gifts. This Final Fantasy game being at the top of his list I think. 

Although he definitely enjoyed the treats and disco ball quite a bit as well.

And then we enjoyed this delicious cake made specially by his sweet sister. Yum!! Probably Rainbow Chip flavor because that's his favorite. 

Time to start saving up for a spiked auto insurance premium!

girls trip!! (September 2016)

Mae and I were super excited in September to get to fly to Utah for our special girl's trip. She had been anxiously waiting for her 12th b-day to arrive so, like her brothers, she could have a turn to visit family, attend a session of conference, and just have a fun weekend away!! Her birthday wasn't technically until October, but since the General Women's Session of Conference (LDS General Conference) was coming up just a month before her big day, we decided it would be the perfect time to go!

We began our fun right away--basically as soon as we entered the airport.

And then continued it on to Utah, where Mae got tons of girl cousin time!!

With some of her favorites. 

Sleepover facials. 

Shopping time!

Teapots and babies:-).

Can't get enough of this baby!

Manicures and super lame selfies. 

The highlight of our trip was definitely our evening at Temple Square.

Being together.

Checking out the beautiful grounds.

Exploring the Joseph Smith Bldg. and of course watching the broadcast. We didn't end up making it into the Conference Center, so that was kinda a bummer, but we still had a great time!!

Another BIG highlight of the trip was a friendly competition of Cupcake Wars;). We plotted throughout the weekend, went grocery shopping in "teams" late the night before, and then set to work. Allison's kitchen was a giant mess by the time we were done, and the ovens weren't completely working so we were running back and forth from the sweet neighbor's house, but the cupcakes ended up pretty fantastic!

Here are the final products. Cathy, Heidi, and Kate made a s'mores cupcake; me, Allison, Stephanie, and Kent made a better than Disneyland;) cupcake; and the girls made a lemon raspberry cupcake. 

The girls' cupcake ended up winning. It was honestly 100% the best. They had put in fresh raspberries and a lemon curd and it was seriously amazing. Here they are with their prize money:-). 

And what better way to end the trip than with this girl's favorite cinnamon dulce steamer!!

I love this little chica more than I could ever express. She is so good to me and I will forever be amazed by her.