Thursday, February 9, 2017

september 2016 misc.

And to finish off September we have ...

Joseph can't get enough of his new Angry Birds Game (thanks, Auntie Jill!)

Kevin's work moves downtown.

This guy is pretty excited about his mad Zelda gaming skills;). 

James' dream comes true: he finally gets to climb on the roof! 
(only trade off is that it's to clean a disgusting bird present)

Mom vs. this hungry crowd at Arby's while Dad's away on business.

Porter and friend work the shoulder angel.

Joseph's first ride with no training wheels 
(he's all geared up and has a great teacher).

 Donut date ...

... with this donut-loving guy (specifically Crown Donuts).

Fun times in the Escape Room:/!

 Saturday morning run.
(staying in shape for XC season)

Porter Way!!

Joseph gets a lecture ... while Kevin tests out a new backpacking air mattress.
(why not kill two birds with one stone, right?!)

Here comes October ...

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