Friday, November 20, 2015

may 2014 misc.

And to finish off the great month of May with a handful of random pics ... 

A beautiful Mother's Day walk, fun times with fantastic friends, Joseph "Sunbeams" prizes.

And can't leave out being silly with the kiddos and Mae's first set of good 'ole fashion roller skates!!

Moving on ... 

Tuesday, November 17, 2015

goin' to the chapel;) (may 2014)

And for the grand finale of our fun, all-encompassing Utah adventure ... we got to enjoy the highly anticipated (around our house anyway), fantastic wedding of Mr. D and of course Ms. H!!! 

Outside the Timpanogos Temple, where Heidi received her endowment (special LDS/Mormon temple ceremony). 

And then at the beautiful Temple Square in SLC on the actual wedding day! This picture is pre-wedding ceremony.

And then post-wedding ceremony, hanging out on the beautiful temple grounds. 

Having a little (actually a lotta) fun.

While waiting for the new couple to join us!!

Here they are!!

Obviously everyone was very excited--especially all the nieces and nephews. 

Some group pics in front of the temple!

Then on to the Beehive House restaurant for a brief luncheon.

Back to the hotel for a quick snooze--wedding festivities can be exhausting;). 

And then off for more fun at the reception!

Oh my goodness, what fun celebrating this exciting event and being together as a family--an even bigger family now with all of Big D's;) fabulous relatives!

The girls were all giddy with wedding vibes. 

Beautiful memories for Kev--This big brother sure loves his wonderful lil' sis!

And, oh, how the kids loved messing around in the "backyard" of the reception home by the pond. 

It was a little crazy trying to get a picture of g-ma and the all the kiddos (notice the pant-less child).

I don't actually think any of the whole-group grandkid pics turned out, but she did get a great one at least with the granddaughters:-)--for some reason not posted here.

It was a really wonderful day from start to finish and we are so excited for the happy couple!!!

Friday, November 13, 2015

utah trip (May 2014)

Just a couple of days after the older boys set out for their sports camp, Mae, Brooks, Joe, and I headed to the airport as well to join the party. It was honestly a bit chaotic getting all our stuff through the airports without K and the "big" boys, but we made it and had a relatively decent flight;).

Mae was awesome about having to sit across the aisle from me, with a couple of pleasant strangers.  In fact, she was quite the trooper--and helper--the entire time!

The boys has just finished with their camp earlier in the day, and met us at the airport all ready to head to a Carl Bloch exhibit at the BYU Museum of Art. It was especially fun to experience the exhibit with much of the fam!!

Joseph hung out back at Aunt Allison's house with Kent and Ryan--oh, and his little pal the iPad:-). 

The next morning (I think) we all ventured out to hike the Y!

Although just May, Utah was already warm and dry. 
The kids made sure to take lots of little breaks. 

The top was beautiful as always, and a great place for everyone to hang out a bit. 

And take some pictures!

After some of the kids did a little exploring on the Y itself, we headed back to the trail head.

And then, notwithstanding the dirt, grime, and sweat, some of us ventured over to the BYU Wilkinson Center for a friendly round of bowling. 

Nice form, y'all!

Group shot!

And then off we went to the Creamery. Goodness! We just can't seem to let the fun end. 

One of the following days, a group of us headed to the Timpanogas Cave National Monument.

We had fun hiking the 1 1/2 miles to the anticipated cave.

Eager to begin the actual tour. 

Time to begin!

It was definitely much cooler (temperature wise) in the cave than outside of it! And of course much darker, although they did have an electrical system wired in with some small lights. It really was an amazing site--we were awed by all the stalagmites and stalactites (don't I sound smart?!).

And then the tour was done and, after Allison's brief run-in with a friendly rattlesnake,  we were on our way back down the mountain. 

Also during the week, we visited a super fun park in the cute city of Alpine. The kids all had a great time and especially appreciated the refreshing splash pad on such a hot, early-summer day. 

And as if all that weren't enough, we also managed to fit in a couple of hours at J & J's absolutely lovely pool!!

This is always one of the kids' most favorite UT activities--although grandmas are quite fond of it as well. 

Nothing like wearing yourself out in the gorgeous sun by jumping repeatedly off "rock" formations.

And sliding down super fun water slides!

And then (sadly) it was over, and we were saying goodbyes and making our way back through the busy airport--this time with many more strong arms to help carry luggage:-)!

We sure love our Utah trips! And our wonderful, fantastic, amazing family--every last one of them!!

Friday, November 6, 2015

2014 fathers and sons (May 2014)

And now for our Utah outing posts!

The boys again headed off for their traditional BYU Fathers and Sons sports camp. This time Kevin was traveling from a conference in Cali, so P and J actually got to fly on their own to Utah--which they quite enjoyed. Uncle Ryan was there to meet them at the SLC airport, as Kevin's flight was arriving just a few minutes or so after. 

And off they went to camp ... 

Enjoying time just hanging out and meeting around at the dorms.

Having fun with some friendly foot races:).

Enjoying a myriad of sports, including ultimate Frisbee.

Not exactly sure what sport this is, but had to include it of course!;)

Playing lots of basketball!!

The camp is primarily basketball focused. 
Posing for pictures with Tyler Haws and the cougar mascot (that I seem to have cut out of the image--oops). 

Doing drills--at least I'm guessing that's what's occurring here. 

Having fun hanging out together.

More b-ball!

A little football in LaVell Edwards Stadium.

Something of a dream come true for James, I'm sure. 

More football (you can see that J is right in his element).

And then an amazing Sunday at temple Square.
A special church service ...

Touring around at the Visitors Center ... 

And an opportunity to hear The Mormon Tabernacle Choir.

And then comes the last day of camp! Complete with winding up activities and games.
More football for James. 

Porter's getting in on the action as well.

And Kevin finishes up with a mix of basketball, football, maybe soccer, and tag:-). Looks exciting!!

I love that my boys and Kevin have this great bonding tradition! Brooks is sooo looking forward to getting to join in on the fun here in the next year or two!!