Tuesday, September 29, 2015

mae ball & team porter

B-ball season is always exciting around our house.

Mae got in on the action this year (her second season I believe), and enjoyed having fun with the other girls on her team.

I don't think basketball is her favorite thing in the world, but she sure worked hard and always had a great attitude!

James had a great season as well ... he was lucky to have his own personal nurse (best nurse ever) on the sidelines to remove some stitches before one particular game;).

He worked very hard and had a good time with his team.

Aside from watching him, we all enjoyed the time to visit with friends, as he had one great friend on the team and regularly played against a couple others.

Porter started off the season briefly before his spinal incident/surgery, but then ended up on the sidelines for most of the remainder. He did get the team named after him though as a concession, and helped out as an awesome score keeper!

He was finally able to get back on the court at the end of the season. 

Just in time for the annual tournament which was certainly an added bonus. 

gilligan's island

It's probably starting to look like this blog is all about James;). Actually, Mae is in this post too so hopefully it will balance things out.

It was kinda James' big night as he got to play the part of the millionaire (Thurston Howell, III) at his Gilligan's-Island-themed  school concert. 

Mae was one of the pirates! 
(red headband, side pony, black vest) 

As a fun turn of events, one of our best friends (who we were lucky to have with us after school for four years) played Mrs. Howell. 

They both did a great job!

As did Mae (lookin' awfully cute there, Miss M!) and the others in the group!!

james arrow of light

Also early in 2014, James finished with the world of Cub Scouts and earned his Arrow of Light!

He was able receive the award at our Pack's blue and gold banquet, hence the cake decorating contest and festive decor. 

He was a great little Scouter from the time he started, and definitely deserved this cool award. 
Great work, James!

let it snow ...

Well, it didn't come in time for Christmas, but the snow did come--early in 2014!

 As is the case on all snow days in the Pacific NW (we obviously don't get much of it), the kids were out most of the day enjoying the fluffy white stuff--of course, school always gets cancelled so what else is there to do?!

Even I ventured out briefly.

These silly kids couldn't get enough of it. 

And just wanted to keep playing all day long.

Of course, while some would have camped out in the snow if they could, others in our fam made a brief jaunt into the cold but mostly hung out in the cozy house;). 

Until the next snow day!

Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Christmas 2013

Okay, so I hate to rush through this, but here's the Christmas 2013 rundown ... 

Ward Christmas Party ... Night in Bethlehem

Holiday party with friends--decorating Gingerbread cookies. Yum!

Fun time with family in town! 
Catching up, playing games, snuggling babies, etc. :-)

Christmas Eve at G-mas!

Christmas Eve back at home!
Opening sibling gifts (my favorite part)!!

Opening blog books (another favorite)!!

And some additional family presents. 

Cute kids in their new PJs/vests. 
Drinking just a lil' of Santa's milk;).

Christmas Morning!
Looks like we're keeping Apple in business-Yikes!!

Christmas Day!
More family time--my kids love 'em some cousins!!

Fun girlies!!

New Years Eve fun:-). 
Trying to stay up until the ball drops.