Monday, March 21, 2011

Question of the Day

So, we're clearing the table after dinner a week-or-so ago, and Porter very seriously inquires...

"Mom, Dad, can I ask you a question?"

Wow, I think, here's our moment. We've worked hard to make dinnertime togetherness a priority: setting the table in advance, sitting down together, spending time with one another, opening up the channels of communication, etc. etc. etc. blah, blah, blah. And now our hard work is paying off!

"Sure Porter what is it?" we ask, almost in unison ... awaiting his life-changing inquiry (at least I was, I certainly can't vouch for his father).

"Well," he begins, "why does it sound like breaking glass when you tear off a vampire's arms or legs??"


Seriously? that's why I fold napkins into nice straight rectangles and hound everyone about getting to the table while the food's still warm? All so we discuss the cacophony of tearing vampire flesh? And to top it off, Kevin--as easy as if Porter had asked what's for breakfast--comes up with some very reasonable sounding explanation.

Ah well, I guess the life changing stuff will have to wait!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

One Six-Year-Old's Fabulous Imagination:)

My little Mae is awe-struck over the fun images being spread via email showing the creative pictures a mother in Helsinki Finland takes of her sleeping baby. She's so awe-struck, in fact, that she just had to try this out for herself. After all, she does have a somewhat willing baby at her disposal.

Here's The Princess and the Frog, just one of many whimsical scenes captured by this creative mom.
And here's Mae's version ... I'm not entirely sure what everything is supposed to represent. But there's no mistaking that Joseph is in fact the princess, he either has a pink hat or pink hair, the orange bandanna is his beautiful dress, and the frog squeaky toy is definitely, well, the kiss-happy frog.
And here is another pose that she came up with (and roped Brooks into) ... I believe the burp cloths at top are birds--possibly seagulls, Mae and Brooks are holding a bouquet of balloons, and there are fluffy white bunnies hopping with joy alongside the two jolly children.
What an imagination.