Friday, August 18, 2017

holiday visit from our other brother (december 2016)

As a fun Christmas present, we were lucky enough to have a visit from our cousin/other brother--Porter Clarence Timmerman himself!;) We love when this awesome guy visits. 

We started off with some yummy BBQ, played lots of Cosmic Encounters ... 

Enjoyed some fluffy white snow (obviously pretty tiny flakes, since you can't really even see them in the picture), played a video game or two in the gameroom ... 

Did some climbing at the gym ... 

Attended a Thunderbirds hockey game (where there was a partial power outage and spectators shared a little light with their cell phones) ...

(we sure do love us some hockey!)

Squeezed in a holiday party with the Stuckis, Manjares, and Sorensons ...

(in addition to charades, we had some jokes, a little music, and quite a bit of ping pong)

And finished off the year with a church youth New Years Eve dance--Kevin and I chaperoned and the Porter's had a great time dancing and being crazy with all the other kids in attendance. 

Wednesday, August 9, 2017

dec 2016 misc.

I decided to include this here, since the next couple of posts cross over just a bit into January. 

To (sorta) finish off December we have ... 

Straight No Chaser Concert!! (which was super awesome)

And James Leavenworth snowboarding trip (thanks to our good friends Kai & Stein).

christmas 2016

Before we knew it, it was Christmas Eve! 

It was actually our first without extended family around, which in the beginning was a little sad but it turned out to be a really nice day. 

We started off with a friendly family basketball game down at the church--
man, did I feel out of shape!

Then had a nice simple meal together.

Before playing with a new gift from Auntie Heidi--the game Big Mouth!!

At first we put the mouth pieces in wrong, which was really quite painful.

Finally, we opened our Christmas Eve gifts

Including this super cool one from Grandma Loo!!

The next morning, we relaxed around the house and enjoyed each others company.

Another great Christmas! Can't think of a better way to celebrate such an important day.

christmas comes early! (december 2016)

Since Grandma Loo was leaving for the actual holiday, our next bit of excitement was an early family Christmas party. 

We had a delicious meal with Grandma, Jill, Eric, and the cousins.

Played our traditional Minute to Win It games.

Which were entertaining as always!

And finished off with a bit of gift giving.

We sure do love being with our family!

game works seattle (december 2016)

Next up, a fun outing to downtown Seattle!

We rode the light rail.

Ate some (sorta) yummy Mexican food.

Checked out the Gingerbread Village display at the Sheraton Hotel (we skipped the line this year and just peeked from the side--learned our lesson a couple years back).

And then headed over to Game Works for the rest of the day. 

Where we played games to our hearts desire (the PacMan table was one of our favorites).

And really, they had just about every game you can imagine. 

After at least a few hours of games and fun, we re-boarded the light rail and headed home (after a quick stop at Jimmy Johns)

Sunday, July 9, 2017

let the festivities begin!! (december 2016)

December always brings a lot of fun activities and precious family time! It can be a crazy month in some ways, but there's also such a special and sweet spirit and so many great memories to take away. 

There's going to be a ton of pictures in the following posts, but I thought I would ease into things with just a few smaller events from the beginning of the month ... 

First off, was a church Nativity Event. 
Joseph and Brooks got to perform with the children's choir and we all enjoyed the beautiful displays. 

Next up, a fun family outing to the newest Star Wars movie--Rogue One!!

Throughout the month we had daily visits from our silly house elf (Happy) who got himself into some interesting situations--I think Mae might know something about this;).

And then before Christmas vacation was in full swing, we enjoyed our ward (church congregation) Christmas party with lots of wonderful friends!

Stay tuned for more!

november 2016 misc.

And to finish out November we have ... 

Brother gaming fun.

Disney on Ice!
(with Mae and Joe)

Business trip to the East Coast. 

Silly FHE (Family Home Evening) activities. 

Time Out for Women/Girls 2016 in Portland!

Trampoline patch work.

Fun times with Dad!

Fun times with Robotics!!

Young Women Evening in Excellence.

Moving on ...