Friday, June 15, 2012

flaming geyser take 2

Did I mention this was coming?:)

On an absolutely beautiful day in late April we decided to head back to Flaming Geyser Park, but this time with g-ma & g-pa Dueck in tow. Apparently posing runs in the family, because we returned home with an entire amateur photoshoot worth of pictures.

Family picture on the rickety bridge.

Family picture under the tree boughs.

Grandparent picture on the rickety bridge.

Grandparent picture under the tree boughs.

Is there a pattern going on here??

Okay, here's something different.

And a bunch of fun extras ...

BYU ... in case it wasn't obvious;).

Not sure what this represents ... X-Men? P90X?? Or maybe just, "WE ROCK"! Yeah, that's probably it.

Too much fun. Posing for pictures is never so bad on an absolutely gorgeous day!! Especially when accompanied with a nice little hike (although that is a slight exaggeration--more like a nature walk). Whatever it was, we had a great time!!

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loo loo b-day

I think it was actually still Easter Sunday when we celebrated (at least in part) my mom's b-day this year. We really had big plans of a girls day out, but turned out that it would have to wait a while because of scheduling conflicts.

So instead we had healthy carrot applesauce cupcakes. With not-so-healthy cream cheese frosting on top. Yum.

Grandma looks worried that Mae is going to eat all the cupcakes. Don't worry, g-ma, there's plenty for everyone;).

We love you, Grandma Loo!

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easter morn

So I was feeling really good about the 18 posts I've completed in the past few days, until I realized just now that April/May were busy months ... meaning I still have about 15 posts to go. Why can't we be really boring and never do anything!?

On the flip side, some of the posts only consist of a picture or two, so should be pretty short. Nice!

Others I just might have to make short ... for the sake of my own sanity;).

Anyway, I'd better stop mumbling, and get busy.

So, here is Easter morning:

These are Easter baskets.

These are children who like Easter baskets.

These are children searching for eggs to put in their Easter baskets.

Still searching.

Got some.

The children are likely now discussing who got the most eggs for their Easter baskets.

And now, they are enjoying their Easter baskets.

Where's her basket?

Even he's got one ... oh, that's right, we share.

The kids got all kinds of non-candy prizes this year (although, they got plenty of that too). Even underwear made it in. Silly Easter Bunny--what is this a stocking? I think the Pokemon cards made up for it, though.

Chocolate bunnies! Always a big hit.

This little guy found another kind of basket even more exciting than the one from Mr. Easter Bunny. That, or he was about to go into a sugar comatose and just needed somewhere to relax.

Happy Easter, everyone!

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Thursday, June 14, 2012

blue and gold

Okay, so I think you kind of have to be/have been in scouts to know what a blue and gold banquet is. I've had boys in the program for 2 1/2 years and am still not entirely sure. What I do know is that it's yearly, it's kind of a celebration, it's blue, and it's gold, and this year we were supposed to bring a cake (that the scouts helped with) to contribute to a cake contest/dessert as part of the banquet.

James and I (and Porter of course) had big plans for our cake.

But then this happened ...

And while that was happening, this occurred ...

And when we were finally out of time to fix either, I sent the boys off to the anticipated blue and gold, while I stayed home to clean up and wonder where my cake/baby/day went wrong;).

Did i mention that i sent them off cakeless?? But that's okay, because they still had a great time.

James received his Wolf award.

Porter was awarded some activity pins.

And why wouldn't they have a great time .... especially with this little beauty around!

I am amazed at some people's creativity!! Wow.

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trouble baby strikes again

Kix anyone?

Looks like at least some of it got in the bowl.

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just posin'

Early spring (yes! I'm finally getting close!!) we made our first visit of the year to Flaming Geyser National Park. Now, I know the name sounds impressive, but don't get too worked up ... you'll see what I mean in just a moment.

So we went out to enjoy the drive and just kinda plug around a bit. And that's exactly what we did. Sort of. Once we got out there, Joseph had fallen asleep in the car. So, Brooks, Mae, and I hang out near the truck turned crib, while Kevin, porter, and James did the plugging around for us.

In the meantime, M and B found this great old tree ...

And, well, got to posing. Something my kids are fantastic at!:)

Gotta love my little Punky Brewster and her fantastic choice of clothing. The really funny part, though, is that it's my shirt she's wearing. Uh, huh, mine. I had just retired it to a donation pile, because, well, it was feeling a bit snug;), and she fished it right on out, determined it would fit her. A couple of rolled sleeves later, and what do you know, it sorta did. Kind of.

I know they're not going to appreciate this one when they're older, but I couldn't resist.

Who's number one? Brooks is number one! Or does it make a two since it's technically two fingers? Or who knows, maybe he's just pointing at birds??

So good to each other!

Is this thing a tree or a clubhouse!

Okay, and now all back together ...

Here's a picture of the flaming geyser itself. What, don't see it? Might have to squint a little, but it's there. You know, the little circular pipe thingy in the middle of all the rocks.

Don't worry Flaming Geyser, you may be unimpressive but the Dueck Family still loves you!! We'll be back. No seriously, just wait a few posts;).

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pinewood derby 2011

I suppose I don't have a whole lot to say about these photos, other than that pinewood derby this year was in perfect Dueck style--meaning it was all done ridiculously last minute:).

Papa Dueck cut the blocks and the boys did start sanding the wheels ahead of time, but all the rest was done in a whirlwind the night before the race.

Here's the pit crew out in the cold garage sanding, painting, and melting.

And the finished product. Good work, boys!

And here they are ready to race.

By the track.

Great job. So proud of all three of you:).

James displaying his trading cards. All the boys come home with a bunch, just for participating. They probably care more about that then about winning. Good thing, considering our perpetual pinewood derby procrastination problem;)--that was a lot of Ps.

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