Monday, December 31, 2012

oh, the joys of family picture day

Oh, goodness. I don't even know where to start with this one. Except for with a warning that many many MANY pictures will follow.

Late in September we decided that we just could not go any longer without little J in any family pictures. So on a crazy day full of soccer this and that, we grabbed our wonderful Julia (Julia Anne Photography) and headed out to Flaming Geyser State Park. We actually had a pretty fun time walking around the park (even hitting one of the "hiking" trails) and taking lots and lots of pics.

It was a super fun session and many great (and sometimes silly) pictures were the result ...

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just kickin it

This year our family re visited a long-lost pastime. Okay, well, not that long lost. Just something we previously enjoyed (and I do use that word somewhat loosely), but haven't participated in for a couple of years.

So what is it? Soccer.

Good 'ole stand out in the cold, chase the ball in a pack (for the little ones at least), eat many an orange slice, don't forget your umbrella and raincoat soccer.

This time, though, it was Mae's and Brooks' turn to participate.

And participate they did.

Mae was on a fantastic team with a very supportive coach.

She caught on pretty quickly and seemed to have a lot of fun.

Picture day.

Brooks was on a team of cute little newbies, also with a great (very patient) coach.

It took some time, but they all started to pick up on the rules of the game.

And they certainly lacked nothing in the have-a-good-time department. This picture is particularly suiting as, at the beginning of the season, they named themselves the "ninja chimps".

Cute, fun loving, caterpillar examining soccer player:).

And the season ends. Which, not gonna lie, was probably a bit of a relief to all of us. Sure we had a good time, but lets just say our soccer days are probably numbered (or perhaps have already run out;).

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Saturday, December 29, 2012

arrow of light

In addition to turning 11, Porter also had another exciting event occur in September. In fact, on his actual big day he received his Cub Scout Arrow of Light award. Could things get any better?!

Here he is receiving a couple of other smaller awards before the special ceremony.

Switching out his Cub Scout blue shirt for a full-fledged Boy Scout khaki before his "crossing over" ceremony.

With Webelos leader just after the Crossing Over and Arrow of Light ceremonies. Thanks, Bro. H!!

Fellow Arrow of Lighters.

Ready to get going as an 11-year-old Boy Scout.

Good work Porter!! Thanks for setting such a great example for your younger brothers.

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