Monday, August 20, 2012

extreme scream

I think if I published aloud that our family, in the five-and-a-half years that we've lived in this area, had never been to the Puyallup fair, we might get a few looks of shock. So just for appearances sake;) we made our way to the spring fair this year.

We had a good time, observing some unicycle dude, checking out good-old-fashioned livestock, and of course winning cheap stuffed animals at the rows of carnival games. I'm not sure the fair makes our favorites list, but we did have a good time. We didn't end up with many pictures, but of course had to capture Porter's first experience on the Extreme Scream.

Oh, and here's a couple of the before-mentioned games and toys ...

No, we did not push James around in the stroller (see background). I think he's just kickin' it for a sec.

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motley crew

On a quiet afternoon (quite the rarity;) in June, we took our motley crew to the Tradition Lake Loop at Tiger Mountain, for a leisurely 4-mile "stroll". Okay, so not exactly a stroll, but really a very easy and relaxing trail ... complete with a rusty old bus. Seriously.

Could be wrong, but I think this is overlooking Issaquah.

Nothing like hanging out inside an empty old tree.

Will the excitement ever end?? Not likely I suppose.

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boys with toys

So I realized something this year. We are not car people! If I add their ages together, our vehicles are 30 years old. Generally speaking, they are both tearing, chipping, peeling, and/or rusting in some form or another. Not pretty. What we are then is toy people. Not big toys. No motorized boats or four-wheelers hanging out in our garage. Nope, small recreational toys that keep us active, having fun together, and typically enjoying this great earth ... not to mention the great state of Washington. This typically includes fishing gear, hiking/camping stuff, more fishing gear, and more fishing gear. Oh, and now (the reason for this post) a couple of kayaks.

Kevin picked these up at the end of spring and recruited the boys to help take them out for a spin. Tough job;).

Big J ...

Mr. P ...

Good times!

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