Thursday, December 31, 2015

finishing out the month (July 2014)

And for some final, fast and furious pics from July!! 

James striking a pose at 11-year-old Scout Camp.

The poster the kids made for us for our 15th wedding anniversary.

The fortunate I got and thought was way super exciting (although it didn't actually come true):-)!!

Joseph getting his first real dental exam (very fascinating and post-worthy--I know;). 

And Porter and G-ma Loo during one of their final piano lessons together.
(He's since moved on to a new, more advanced teacher.)

Nuff said! Moving on to August ... 

jacobs reunion (july 2014)

Oh goodness, where to start?! The Jacobs Family Reunion! 

My dad's from a big fun family of 12 (10 kids and my amazing grandparents--both now passed on). When I was a kid, we got together every year for an exciting week of camping. Exciting because there were a TON of cousins to play with, exciting because we had volleyball tournaments and foot races of all sorts, exciting because you never knew what else we'd be up to--like riding horses up in the hills, repelling from a cliff face, putting on wonky fashion shows with bags of old clothes, or building small swimming dams/holes along the river.  

Now my kids get to enjoy some of the same excitement (on a bi-annual basis). There are now a TON MORE cousins to play with (although, of course the dynamics have changed somewhat since we've grown), volleyball and foot races remain, and you still never know what fun thing someone will think up next. 

As always, the kids had a great time by the river/stream playing with fallen logs and finding cool rocks!

Roasting marshmallows at the campfire really has got to be one of the very best ever things about camping!! Right?! 

Fun times around camp! 
(J & J gettin' their cool on;)

Games with g-ma & g-pa

G-pa still getting in on the volleyball action!!
James, Porter, and Kevin all thought the on-going volleyball tournament was pretty awesome too. I love how we take a huge range of ages and skill levels and make sure everyone can be included and have a good time!

Did I mention foot races?;). These are serious business folks. Just check out B here!! He is in it to win it! I can't tell though if the second picture is him crying for sadness (like he lost), or shouting for joy (winner winner chicken dinner). Hmm, I guess I'll have to ask him about it later. 

Love that my dad and his sibs still get out there and run 
(Left to Right: Aunt Marilyn, my daddy-o, and Uncle Billy). 

Even I got back into the excitement this year, and had a bit of fun racing my cousins' little track stars. They kicked my butt pretty good, but I definitely had a great time!!

It wouldn't be a J-Reunion without a little display of talent. I think this has gotten a bit trickier as the family has grown, but Mae, Grace, and Jane all managed to get in on the action (and loved every second of it, of course!!).

And now for the family pics!!

First pic below is of all the great grandchildren who were able to make it to the reunion (some weren't in attendance). 

Second pic is of the original Jacobs children and their spouses, minus two. If I remember right Uncle Rex wasn't able to make it, and of course, Uncle Mike passed away quite some time ago in a car accident (he and my two sweet cousins who passed with him are always thought of and  missed!)

The top pic here is all the grandchildren 
(me and my first cousins who were able to make it to the reunion). 

The bottom is our family--my dad & stepmom, most of my siblings & and their spouses (aside from my sister/her husband, then in Japan, and Eric who had to stay home for work), and all our kiddos.

And one last pic, just for fun!! All the kids (minus Josie) wearing their cool new glasses from g-ma/g-pa!

Exciting times with the big, wild, and crazy Jacobs family!!

Monday, December 28, 2015

ensign ranch fun (july 2014)

I'm sure I've said this before (in a post as well as in conversation) and I'll go ahead and say it again. We love spending time as a family at Ensign Ranch in Cle Elum, WA! It's great that it's only a little over an hour from home, is big enough to provide lots to do but small enough that most of the kids can roam around on their own (preferably with a buddy), and is pretty much always sunnier/warmer than where we live.

Trying to fit the bikes in the trailer is always nice as there are plenty of places to ride, including a nifty cement path around the lake. Porter's favorite pastime this particular year was to ride around and around the loop, looking cool in his fancy green Beats while listening to an audio book. 

One of the huge perks of visiting the ranch for the 4th of July has always been the amazing fireworks show right there on-site. It's pretty much front row/lake-view seats and no crowds. Doesn't get better than that!! 
(as a side note, the fireworks show was cancelled during out 2015 visit because of some regulations--we're really hoping this was just a result of wildfires and not a permanent change). 

Having a little fun while waiting for the show!

More fun and some awesome snuggle time while continuing to wait (notice that P's still wearing the Beats;)

It's always fun when cousins get to come along as well. The silliness basically never ends. You'd never know it from the pictures, huh;)?!

My silly girl Mae. This little lady sure knows how to have fun. I LOVE that she's super smart, totally classy, amazingly tough, and super goofy. 

You can always count on the awesome daddy-o of our family to bring along some fun extra toys! This year it was a blow dart gun. Grandma even enjoyed it, as did the half naked jungle boy that invaded our camp dirty and shoeless--see bottom left. Can't imagine where this kids' parents could be, you'd think they'd take a little better care of him! 

James also took quite a liking the new pastime, and wasn't too shabby at it. 

Of course, James is pretty much up for anything new and adventurous (mostly if it involves some kind of physical challenge). He always spends a portion of our visit at the rope swing. 

And his Auntie J is always up for taking pictures of all the action!

Looks like fun!!

J isn't the only one happy to get a piece of the lake-side excitement!! The rest of us typically get in on at least some of the action as well. 

Mae definitely won't pass up on her turn to have a go at the swing!

There's plenty of excitement to go around.

Horses are also always a fun part of our visit--whether it's led rides, trail rides, or petting/feeding sessions, we always have to pay the horses a visit or two (or three or four). 

How we pass the time while waiting for horse rides ... 

More silly cousin time;). 

A huge highlight of Ensign Ranch is the giant slip'n slide. Even though the older kids/parents don't get quite as excited about it as the younger guys, we all actually have a great time together on this unique part of the camp. 

And since this particular trip was also our "Grandma Loo Weekend," fitting in a game of family softball was a no brainer!!

Joe got in trouble during the game for one reason or another and had to sit in time out--which Auntie J decided to have a little fun with. 

This cool g-ma loves herself a friendly game of softball!!

And it wouldn't be an Ensign Ranch trip (or more particularly a Grandma Loo Weekend) without a crazy and spontaneous talent show. 
Looks like Joe's talent is putting a choke hold on his big bro. Brooks??? Hmm. Interesting.

The kiddos always come up with all kinds of dances, tricks, and talents--and to our delight and amusement, Kevin always ends up in on the fun right along with them!

Jump time. 

Take two. 

Take three. 

Love our little patriots. Love that they're cousins, love that they're friends, love that they love being together. 

Nothing better than family!!

Monday, December 14, 2015

june 2014 misc.

And now for the random June pictures that really couldn't take up an entire post, but I couldn't resist adding somewhere. 

Mae & Gracie do random, messy, possibly disgusting or perhaps completely tasty homemade facials (I think this happened while the boys were away camping).

Oh, and they had fun loving on the only member of the male species left at home (who looks a tad sick here but I don't recall for sure).

Next up, I guess these pics represent all the crazy summer days we spent at Wild Waves this year. I actually have kinda a love-hate relationship with WW, but apparently this was a love moment since my little guy (far left) was having such a great time on the froggie hopper thing. 

A picture I caught (from the treadmill, I believe) of my little bitty backyard (actually cleaned up), with two cute cousins hanging out on the swing. Cart is so great with little J!! 

And finally, little J all tuckered out from what looks like intense hours of battling it out as a cake fighting ninja warrior. Who says boys won't make a weapon out of anything!?

And onto July!!