Monday, July 22, 2013

barrel of monkeys

Three boys at a poll.

Three monkeys (I mean boys) on a poll.

Now that is life at the Dueck house!

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mom's day:)

Another great Mother's Day come and gone. So grateful to my sweet children and thoughtful husband for my tasty breakfast (chocolate chip and blueberry pancakes). Yum-O.

And of course grateful for the wonderful mothers and grandmothers in my life. Couldn't ask for better examples, supporters, and friends!! Love them all (including those who've passed on)!

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end of season

Okay, so here it is ... the final lacrosse game of the season (or at least the last for which we have pictures). It was a fun season, and despite the traveling distance for practices and games, I suppose there's a good chance we'll participate again next year. Don't think we could have done it (or could continue doing it), though, without Chauffeur Linda Loo;).

Lucky for us, Grandpa J got to join in for the big game.

Joseph had a great time as always ...

... while his big bros. stopped balls (porter) ...

... guarded balls (James)...

... and scooped balls (porter) ...

Great season boys! Until next year????;)

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birthday blur

My birthday this year was kind of a blur--or at least now it is. I feel a little guilty because I'm sure my family treated me royally. All I really remember, though, was having plans to go out to eat, but by the end of the day I couldn't even wiggle a finger. So, Kevin picked us up a delicious dinner from our favorite teriyaki joint and we vegged at home instead.

Thanks guys!! You're the best:).

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take your child to work day

For the last couple of years, we've considered sending the kids (or some of them anyway) with Dad for take your child to work day. This year we finally followed through and they had a really great time. Kevin's company put on very well-planned activities!

(Some of these pics were taken by an on-site photographer)

Planting saplings ...

Learning how to count the age of a tree ...

Experimenting with porous and non-porous wood products (blowing bubbles) ...

Looking at a wood-architecture thingy;) ...

Checking out the bonsai garden ...

Participating in team-building activities

And finishing off the day with a visit to the infamous giant ant hill. Wow!;)

Good times with Dad! I think the kids were pleasantly surprised by how fun the wood products industry could be;). No, really!

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another boy party

Have I ever said boy parties are the best???;) Of course, my daughter may not appreciate this statement, so perhaps I should rephrase that to, "boy parties are awesomely low-key"! And I am a fan of low key!!

Here's all they need ...

Snacks & treats.




Oh, and presents.

And maybe a couple of cute girls just to keep things balanced.

And voila, they're as happy as can be:).

Happy big 10, James!!

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