Friday, April 26, 2013

lacrosse season take 1

So, Kevin got a new camera this year.

And what does this have to do with lacrosse?? Well, nothing at all. But it has everything to do with pictures. Lots and lots and lots of pictures!!

Usually I would just do one no-biggie lacrosse post at the end of the season. But seeing as the boys' weekly games are being utilized as something of a testing/training ground for the shiny new toy, I decided I might have to post in stages.

Lacrosse is a super fun sport to watch, and, i'm told, an awfully fun one to play. James in particular would like to stick with it for the long haul, but considering we have to travel to a neighboring city to participate (can be a little tricky to find a club), only time will tell.

Here's one of the first games of the season (actually, they fit in a double this day).

Gearing up.

Porter the goalie.

James on the run.

Game over. Porter is the one with dirt all over his back and James is no. 15 right beside him.

James getting recognized for a key play.

Game two.

Porter fighting for the ball.

And tending goal again.

James getting in place.

On your marks, get set ....

Tired boys!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

march madness

Since March has managed to come and go like something of a whirlwind, I suppose it's time to throw up a few quick updates. I'm honestly not sure that the order of the forthcoming events is correct (I was serious about the whirlwind thing!); I just know they happened in March, and we managed to capture a few pictures of each.

So here we go ...

The boys participated in a math competition with some schoolmates and an awesome math coach (fellow classmate's dad). Good work, guys!

We were privileged to celebrate the 87th birthday of this foxy lady (also known as Grandma Porter).

We got to see this cute chick (I mean, pig) in her school concert.

Little Miss Teacher started training her first pupil in the delicate art of cartwheels.

As well as misc. gymnastics abilities.

The kids (with cousins) enjoyed their first picnic of the year. Brrr.

(Porter demonstrating the pizza-bagel crane pose ... didn't get the it's-freezing-outside memo, hence the shorts/t-shirt)

These two enjoyed a little brotherly love, via morning cartoons.

These two went undefeated with this year's basketball team.

This guy decided that diapers were good for nothing except to dirty kitchen tables, and that iPads rock.

This girl participated in her first Powderpuff (e.g., Pinewood) Derby.

As a family, we ventured to the park for the first time since fall.

Porter and James were on their school's winning Battle of the Books team.

A hippie and a 50s girl graced our home in honor of spirit week.

And that's about it ... other than the fifty additional things I'm forgetting;).

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