Tuesday, December 20, 2016

linda loo weekend (august 2016)

One of our final summer family outings was our annual Linda Loo Weekend. The cousins had never been to Zions Camp before (in Belfair, WA) so we decided that would be our destination this year. 

We had our own little tent village right along the road. Nice for watching other campers pull into camp, not so nice for privacy or dust levels;). 

It was great spending time together celebrating birthdays, eating lots of unhealthy camp food, and just hanging out!

Despite the fact that it was August, it was definitely on the chilly side a lot of the time, so we lived in hoodies a good portion of the weekend--M & G took the hoodie thing to a whole new level.

So much to do at Zions! 

Lots of fun playing in the big field, utilizing the big rope swings, and riding bikes all over camp.

The sun came out one day too which made for great lakeside activities!!

Paddle boats, blow up toys from home, & floating docks came in pretty handy.

Lots of fun on the waterslide as well!

Us girls had a little boating adventure--we are seriously amazing rowers;). 

The boys had fun with pretty much everything. They even checked out both of the water rope swings, despite the lower water levels.

And there was still plenty more exciting activities to enjoy!

Archery was a hit. 

Horseshoes was pretty fun--well, for everyone but Joseph who must have gotten himself in trouble.

The ropes course was pretty awesome--even grandma got in on the excitement here (top right).

Here she is attempting the tarzan swing, which was pretty entertaining (see laughing faces in below pic).

We all had fun messing around with the suspended log. 

Of course the tire swings were also pretty fun.

And there were plenty of other challenges to play around with as well!

Like this rolling log. 

And our big finale--this giant wall that the kids all managed to make it over; the first time all on their own. 

Good times!

And then there were still all the clever swings at the unique camp park.

And some pretty fun wildlife to observe--like the mother squirrel we watched moving homes, carrying (see top right pic) baby after baby after baby down the road and up a tree to a new little burrow. It was a cool site, and Kevin and Jill were completely enthralled (left pic). I think we quietly watched this taking place for around 30 minutes or so. 

Apparently, we had so much fun that it became necessary to do a lot of this ... 

And of course camp wouldn't be the same without a cozy campfire and s'mores. Fortunately, there wasn't a complete fire ban at the time of our visit, so we were able to enjoy some fun and warm evenings together around the fire. 

We sure do love our G-ma Loo Weekends!!

mt. adams (august 2016)

And while we were hiking to Poo Poo Point, Porter was with the Scouts his age, hiking Mt. Adams

I'm really not going to pretend like I know anything about it, but I do think it was the South Climb/Lunch Counter Approach that they set out for (http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/mount-adams-south-climb).

They headed out on a Friday morning with some great leaders. 

And started hiking pretty much as soon as they got there. 

Looks like some breaks followed.

And plenty more hiking. 

I'm guessing this is the Lunch Counter where they will set up camp for the night. 

And try to get some rest before an early wake-up call. 

And on towards the summit.

More breaks. 

And then eventually they arrive. 

Grateful to be at the top. 

With some pretty interesting/cool sites. 

And an amazing view!!

Nice work, guys!!

poo poo point (august 2016)

First up in August, was this hike to Poo Poo Point in West Tiger Mountain just outside of Issaquah. Odd name for a trail, right? According to wta.org (http://www.wta.org/go-hiking/hikes/poo-poo-point), it's a reference to logging steam whistle sounds that use to be heard throughout the area. The cool thing about this hike that makes it a pretty popular destination, is that there's a clearing at the top (also from logging) where people go to paraglide. 

I've heard there's a trailhead a little ways outside of town (near a paragliding rental shop), but we ended up parking at Issaquah HS and taking the trail that starts at 2nd Ave. I'm thinking the other could be a little shorter, so maybe better for young children. I did feel like I had to drag Joseph most of the way up, and he was awfully pooped;) by the time we made it to the top. 

No pics of us on the trail, but here's what we had to greet us when we finally summited.

We were all fairly tired, and had hiked a little farther than we'd anticipated, but the view and scene at the top definitely made it all worth it!

We found a good place to sit and eat where we could still observe the launching gliders.

After watching quite a few take off--some who caught the wind wrong at first and had to try a time or two more before actually setting off, some who were obviously in training and were launching connected to a more experienced glider--we headed back down the trail, and made a beeline for a little cupcake shop in town. 

And then on to this cute little park to eat our treats. 

We were happy to relax and Joseph was super happy to run around and play for a while before it was time to load up in the car and head home. I should probably point out that Porter's not in any of the pictures because he was with his Scout group on a separate outing. 

Some stats:) ... 

Sunday, December 18, 2016

july 2016 misc.

And to finish off July we have ... 

Girls Camp!

Fun at Dash Point State Park--real nice, boys;). 

Advantage basketball camp. 

Porter's Utah trip/Habits for Life camp!

Kevin rocks it at laser tag:-). 

Trampoline soap-capades.

Mae's watermelon cupcakes!

Aunt Carrie visits from South Korea!! Girls day up in Bellevue (which means more Din Tai Fung:-)!!

Sunny days at the park. 

Looks like this big boy needs a bigger bike;). 

Now on to August ...