Tuesday, June 25, 2013

kinders at the zoo

So I was lucky enough, or unlucky enough depending on your perspective;), to chaperone two zoo field trips this year. The first was with Mae's class to the Seattle (Woodland Park) zoo, and the second with Brooks and his fellow kinders to the Tacoma (Point Defiance) zoo.

While both trips were great (the best part, of course, being spending time with my kiddos), I think I may have preferred Pt. Defiance as a Fieldtrip location. I thought the smaller size was just a bit more conducive to meeting the time constraints of a class trip.

Here's Brooks and his sharky classmates.

Great view of a polar bear at snack time.

Learning the difference between a turtle and a tortoise.

And feeding the goats in the farm area.

So grateful to be able to spend this time with my kids!!

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student achievement recognition

So proud of my kids. Especially proud of how kind, helpful, resourceful, resilient, inventive, honest, charismatic, determined (etc, etc) they can be, but also proud of their hard work academically!!

Great job, Porter! I'm lucky to be your mom!

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lacrosse take 2

I'm not really sure how many lacrosse posts are coming--haven't looked that far ahead--but I'm guessing at least a couple more. That said, I'll be sure to keep this short.

James attacking (no, he's not growing a blonde mullet, just hiding a furry stocking cap under that helmet) ...

Still attacking ...

Porter guarding ...

Still guarding ...

Two happy lacrosse players!!!

Until next time;).

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general conference

General Conference weekend (check out lds.org/mormon.org for more info) came and went this year much like normal: we listened to great talks, ate yummy food, and spent wonderful time together as a family.

Here we are (minus joseph) at home on Saturday morning.

Here are the boys between sessions at the Bennion's new place.

And then here we are at g-ma/g-pa Dueck's for the Sunday sessions

Great times! Great talks! Great people! Great food! Great life!

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