Thursday, September 27, 2012

Cisco Live 2012

Okay, so call me completely and entirely spoiled, but with the help of Kevin's amazing, sweet, gorgeous, responsible little sister (Miss Heidi herself). I joined Kevin in San Diego in the middle of June for his Cisco Live conference. Now when I say, "joined him" I mean spent my days blogging at the hotel, and occasionally napping alongside the pool (when the sun came out, which was only a portion of the time--only down side) or eating cucumber-hummus sandwiches from the lobby restaurant. It was FANTASTIC.

Kevin spent his days across the street at the convention center. Shown here..

And here (looking at it from our hotel) ...

Checking out events like this ...
(but mostly enjoying classes on IT or IT management)

One afternoon I did pull myself away from my blog (I think I was about 9 months behind with it. Yikes!), and headed along the boardwalk for a little sightseeing.

Some kind of fish house ...

Of course, I had to stop and enjoy this little beauty;). Peanut butter and chocolate.

Thought this guys rock art was pretty cool.

In the mornings the two of us would get up early for a work out, which a couple of times included running these. Yuck, but awesome!

And then every evening we went on dates. Lots and lots of dates:)! We were just around the corner from a popular food and shopping street (5th Ave., I think it was, in the Gaslamp District). So we would often stop one place for dinner, do a little shopping or window shopping, and then decide which dessert we wanted that night. My favorite being the "Deep South" cupcakes from Heavenly Cupcakes on 6th. I think Kevin would probably vote for gelato at the very chic Chocolat.

Here's my handsome date-night partner. Isn't he somethin'!!
(I think that's our hotel in the background)

And here we are during one of our first nights in Cali at the Spaghetti Factory. Did I already say we went on lots of dates!!??

Really, this trip ended up being so great, I returned as a huge supporter of moms and also couples "getting away" regularly. Definitely makes you appreciate and miss what's at home ... in the best possible way! And it was nice to have time just with my exciting hubby!

So grateful to all who helped this work. Heidi of course, but also my mom who stayed with the kiddos a night or two and scrubbed my house top to bottom, my awesome girl friend who did daily school rides, and Kevin's parents who hosted a last-minute slumber party so Heidi could act her age (not a thirty-something mom of five young kids) and actually go out with friends one evening:).

Until next time;) ......

Friday, September 14, 2012

Fathers & Sons 2012 (aka, sprint camping, aka, boys who need haircuts)

Okay, so here's P J & B at the very quick, one-night Father's and Sons camp out that they venture out to yearly. One of those arrive late, stay up late, run around in a pack of dirty little men (referring to all the kids here, not dads), all just to pack up the next day and return home, kind of things.

But oh, how they look forward to it!

So here's our boys minus joseph--"potty-trained" is a family requirement;)--trying to stay warm. The camp out takes place in late spring while the NW is still pretty chilly. Luckily that sleeping bag is not lacking for space, or for dirt either I'm sure;).

And here they are already loaded up and headed for home. Like the title says, sprint camping!

Of course, our family can never return home from camping out this direction without a quick stop to a favorite burger joint.

Good times with Dad (too bad he's not in any of the pictures, aside from his reflection in the car window:). Now it looks like its time for mom to pull out the shears. I've never seen those boys with such long hair; at least, not all at the same time.

Will the fun never end;)?!

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