Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Kids Gone Wild ... at a wedding

My beautiful sister was recently married and these pictures are some of the highlights ... for our family at least. The actual wedding photos are amazing!! Mine aren't so artistic, nor do they represent the entire event. We don't even have a picture of the kids walking down the aisle with their flower baskets. I had already proceeded them in the official procession, and Kevin was playing mother duck monitoring the kids and telling them when to start walking. He was amazingly cute about it too. In the waiting process before the festivities, they sort of followed him around and sat quietly, listening to his crazy story telling:).

My boys were certainly unsure about the bow ties, but how cute ... I mean, handsome! Mother duck himself
With little helper duckling (think they look a little bit alike?)
Duckling cheering section
The wedding party
My little ring bearer ... a little bit nervous, maybe
They may not look a lot alike, but wow are they sure good looking!
Gotta love my boys
Childhood best friend--Love ya Victoria (notice I didn't say "Vicki", uh-oh, just did)
Who needs cake and dancing when you've got a jumbo-sized chalk board!
Just taking a break
Mr. Debonair ... you'll see what I mean in the next pics
Yep, there he is, one lady on each arm (guess I spoke too soon about the dancing)
Mom and me
Oh, he's at it again
Mae with some of her many cute girl cousins

Life is so much fun, especially when it's full of joyful moments like these.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Spoiled Rotten

Yippee, I've been looking forward to blogging about this since it happened a month-and-a-half ago.

So here's the story ... I wake up on a Friday morning to the sound of Kevin maneuvering our Master bathroom. I leave him to get ready for work, or so I think, and begin to slowly make the bed and pick up socks and water bottles that are currently decorating the carpet. It happens to be a no-school day so I'm not at my typical speed, but we (as in the boys and I) do have a morning scheduled with doctor and dentist appointments, so I'm certainly not trying to waste time either.

I hear my mother enter the house downstairs; no biggie, since it does happen to be her day off work and she is coming to stay with my littler ones for a while. Sure, she's an hour or so earlier than need be, but, hey, that's just her. What isn't usual is that she heads straight up the stairs and bursts into my room with bagfuls of shoes. Yep, shoes. Shoes, in fact, that she sprawls out all over the floor and proceeds to quiz me about: which ones do I like and could I try them on to see if they would be comfortable for a lot of walking. Well, sure, no problem mom, but it really isn't a long walk into the doctor's office.

Should I be tipped off to the idea that something out of the ordinary may be occurring? Well, maybe, but after all it is my mom--my dear, sweet, wonderful, and sometimes overly-excited mother. She has the right to be a little eager about shoes, just for shoes sake.

But of course there is indeed a purpose behind the bags and bags of shoes (some picked up in such a hurry that the pair consists of two lefties). My busy, meeting-going, network-securing husband entering the room a moment later in shorts and a t-shirt makes that very clear. And, I have to say, the shoes are a surprise to him as well.

So to make a long story short-ish, my wonderful and extremely thoughtful husband had been planning for months to fly me to Las Vegas for a trip to the Brighton Jewlery store (something of a tradition for us), a delicious dinner, an evening of the Phantom (best seats in the house), a gondola ride, and a night in the beautiful Venetian hotel ... all in celebration of my 30th birthday. I only had a moment to pack a bag and head out the door. Honey, you definitely shouldn't have, but thank you. you really are amazing!

Just a couple of hours away from my kids and I'm already lounging like a pro Gotta have a picture of the beautiful bathroom
And here he is, the husband of the year (decade, actually)
Eating yummy food!
How these people pose for hours on end, I will never know;
almost makes you want to scratch her nose for her Is this picture taken inside or outside?
More yummy food!
The big event--it was AMAZING!
And, more yummy food!
Birthday girl, happy as can be! (notice the food ... and my new necklace:))
The scene of our gondola ride
The picture really doesn't do this display justice
And a morning of window shopping (the Venetian is behind me)
We actually opted at the last minute for the Palazzo (the Venetian's sister/attached hotel)
And yummy drinks too ... of course, it may have only been us and the kiddies present going non-alcoholic:)
This one's for the kids
From of a world of excitement and relaxation, to a world of excitement and, well, more excitement. Here we are celebrating my big "30" with the fam.

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Isn't She Lovely!

On the second day of our trip home, we had the privilege of visiting my sweet grandma, Dorothy of Kansas herself, in Ontario, Oregon. We only had a few short minutes but it was so nice to spend some time with this amazing woman. Mother of ten, delightful cook (I doubt I'll ever have anything like her homemade waffles and syrup again in my life), master of many a card/board game, distinguished fisherwoman, and just a wonderful, kind-hearted person. I only wish my children could know her as I have known her, but I'm so happy they were able to share in this experience.

She really is lovely, isn't she?

Monday, June 7, 2010

What's a Birthday Without Cake

I realized after I posted my "last" Utah post, that I had forgotten the most important part of a seven-year-old's birthday: cake and presents. After our fun day at Thanksgiving Point, we headed back to Kevins sister's house to enoy a family gatherng where we stuffed ourselves first with a delicious dinner and then with a humongous Costco cake, and afterward gave James a few presents ... the highlight of which was a motorized scooter.

Somehow the birthday boy did not make it into this first picture.
Ah, there he is. Do you think he's excited?
Here is James, wishing for the motorized scooter he fell in love with at a cousin's house just a couple of days ago.
Such a sweet little boy ... happy with his Lightening Thief books
The look on his face when he realized he was getting what he'd wished for

We sure do love you, James!!

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Last but Not Least

Warning: in the following post you will find an excessive amount of pictures that may include the following:

Gigantic bones from ancient creatures
A family cheesily clad in BYU attire
Moms that will not stop smiling all the time
A child being fed to a famished shark
And, a father having more fun than his children

Seriously, though, this last post from our Utah trip shows the amazing day we all enjoyed in honor of James' seventh b-day. After much deliberation on how to spend this monumental event, we decided on the the Museum of Ancient Life at Thanksgiving Point, and were so glad we did. Our day included hours enjoying all of the fun exhibits and activities at the museum itself, multiple visits to the museum gift store, lunch at one of the attached eateries (fun word, huh?), and a quick jaunt over to the neighboring theater for an awesome 3-D showing of "How to Train your Dragon." Fun times. Thanks for having a birthday, James.