Tuesday, November 29, 2016

june 2016 misc.

And to finish off June we have ...

(There really is a lot in this post, but since they were all pretty much just fleeting moments here and there, I decided to include them all together.)

Kevin chillaxing with Mae and Gracie! 

Grandpa Jacobs visits and Brooks and Joe score with a trip to Menchies!

We get to celebrate Kevin and Grandpa Jacobs on Father's Day:-). Love these dads!

I spend some time with Joe on a field trip to Old McDebbie's Farm (http://www.oldmcdebbiesfarm.net).

(He was so excited about catching a fish.)

(And just completely loved this place.)

(In fact, he still talks about going back!!)

Brooks and Joseph cool off in the fridge before church;). 

Joseph goes Beast Mode with his big bros.

Porter gets a little colorful with a school color run. 

These guys perform the bedtime wrestling match pyramid.

I spend some more time with Joe on another great field trip; this time to Saltwater State Park. 

Kevin performs his 4th (??) wedding--or in this case, ring ceremony--for our wonderful family friend and her new husband!!

Mae has a little fun in the sunshine:).

And some more fun with one of her besties. 

Brooks takes on and defeats Cable Line (kinda a rite of passage in our house!!), and gets rewarded for it with Crown Donuts.

Then he gets a little wet during our cold and cloudy field day (typical Seattle). 

Heidi, Abbie, and Grandma Dueck visit!!!:-)

And get to attend Porter's multi-stake church youth pageant with us. 

Mae does awesome in her dance recital!

And Mae and I have so much fun putting on a baby shower for an amazing and well-deserving friend!!

I think I pushed the line a bit with this one, but oh well, time to move on!:)

moving on!! (june 2016)

June 2016 was definitely a month of moving on!!

First off, Joseph "graduated" from pre-kindergarten from his wonderful Christian Preschool. Finding this little school was a complete blessing to me and Joseph. He had fantastic, caring teachers and learned so much about God and the Bible. He came home singing the sweetest, cutest songs every week. Parting with him at the beginning of the year was definitely a little hard for me, but I was so happy with the experiences he had and the way he progressed. It was completely worth it and totally prepared him for Kindergarten!

Then Porter completed 8th grade, ending his time at Middle School. I can't believe how big he has gotten, and what a great young man he is. He really worked hard, respected his teachers as well as other students, and made the most of what can be a couple of difficult years for this age group. I'm very proud of him!!

And finally, Mae finished up with the 5th grade and her years at Elementary School. She has also gotten so big, and done such a great job working hard and excelling in academics and just at school as a whole. She always wants to do her best and produce quality work. She is a good friend and a respectful and helpful student! I'm very grateful for her.

After her "graduation" or moving on ceremony, she and the rest of the 5th graders got to enjoy a fun celebration, complete with food, friends, fun, and even a game truck!!

I helped by preparing some side activities for the kids to stay busy with.

But all of these ladies really did most of the work. What a great group of women!

In some ways it was sad to see all of my kids passing milestones and getting that much older, but mostly it was exciting and joyful to watch them build character, confidence, and life experience. 

Monday, November 28, 2016

may 2016 misc.

And to finish out May, we have ... 

Menchie's outing with longtime friends!

Kevin and I kill it at Spikeball!
(There are just no words to describe how cool we are.)

James' band performance (2nd trumpet player from left).

Mae gets a special academic achievement award!

Temple trip with our amazing church youth.

Handyman Joe fixes his bike!!

Meditative Joe practices some pretty awesome yoga. 

And silly Joe keeps having fun and being silly (including climbing up on the baby changing table for a little rest when mom leaves him unattended in a public restroom stall). 

cousin time!! (may 2016)

And while the boys were away at camp, we had lots of cousin time!! Brooks pretty much hung out at Carter's house all weekend, while the girls and I (and Joseph) did this ...

Movies ... 

Slumber parties!

Ice skating. 


Enjoying treats!

And pretty much just enjoying each other's company. 

Cousins are so much fun. We wish more of them lived close by!!

buy fathers and sons (may 2016)

As usual this one has quite a few pics, but I will try to keep it short.

The boys had another great year at the BYU Fathers and Sons Camp! I can't remember if this is was their 3rd or 4th year, but regardless, every year has been fantastic and I'm sure they'll keep at it for years to come. 

They always love getting to spend time with family before/after the weekend at camp. This year was even more exciting since they got to be with little Baby Abbie:)--And of course Darren, Heidi, Grandma Dueck, and I guess I shouldn't forget Riggins since he is in the picture!!

Kevin sure loves his little sister, and he is definitely quite the baby whisperer;). 
Time with Grandma was delicious and fun, and Uncle Carl was nice enough to take the boys for a spin on his ATV. 

And then it was time for camp!
They paired up with this group of cousins to have some athletic fun. 

As soon as they get together the games begin, and pretty much don't let up for about 3 days straight. 

Learning from the (very tall) BYU basketball team is always fun. 

And dunking on lowered hoops isn't too bad either!

Playing football in Cougar Stadium is of course another highlight. 

Meeting some of the players ... 

And there's always more fun to be had as well: jumbo soccer, hike the Y, sightsee around campus, have fun with the gymnastics equipment, etc. 

Sunday always brings a special outing to Temple Square in Salt Lake City.

Where the boys tour around a bit. 

And attend special worship services and meetings planned just for them. 

This particular year, Mitt Romney (bottom right) was even a special speaker at one of them.

Such a great tradition for these guys. I'm glad they get to spend time with their cousins and dad, doing so many things they love to do! I think Brooks can hardly wait to begin attending with them next year!!