Wednesday, May 31, 2017

12 for the win (october 2016)

While we were away on our trip, Mae turned the big 12!! Fortunately, she had wonderful friends and family at home to make it special.

Heidi was so sweet, and had the kitchen decorated when Mae woke up for school in the morning. M's favorite cereal and some small gifts were waiting for her on the table. And after school Heidi and Abbie took Mae to her favorite restaurant (Tokyo Steakhouse) for a b-day dinner!! 

Also that day, Mae's thoughtful YW (youth) group came over to heart-attach her room as a nice surprise and welcome!

B-day fun!

Once we were back in town, we had a family party with some of Mae's favorite treats. 

And of course some special gifts!
She was in the process of re-decorating her room, so most of her gifts were for that.

In addition to room decor, she got some thoughtful prizes from cousins as well. 

Love you Mae girl!! You are A-MAE-ZING!!;)

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